4 Tips for Using Instagram Live for Business Purposes

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4 Tips for Using Instagram Live for Business Purposes

4 Tips for Using Instagram Live for Business Purposes

Currently, Instagram is one of the popular applications that is often accessed by the public. Apart from posts and stories, the Instagram Live feature is something that catches the attention of consumers. You can get new customers, increase engagement, and sell business products.

Besides, different from posts, stories, and Instagram TV, Instagram Live takes advantage of the moment directly without going through the editing process. So, what you display is original, not KW let alone fake.

Due to the live format, you can receive comments and questions in real-time. It’s no wonder that Instagram Live is considered the most interactive feature compared to various features in competitor apps.

In real-time, you can make the relationship with your network or consumer closer and stronger. Because, when discussing life, consumers feel more valued as people who frequently transact with you.

When you do Instagram Live frequently, consumers who follow you will get notifications, and they can immediately see because your broadcast is in the top-left position.

Interestingly, even if there are consumers who see you late, they can still keep up. Because Instagram Live can last for 24 hours. This is why Instagram Live is getting more and more popular with the audience.

Then, how do you use Instagram Live so that it can be maximized for the benefit of your business?

1. Notify Instagram Live with Story

This strategy is quite effective and can work well. You only need to inform the audience that there will be an Instagram Live broadcast at that time and date. All you do is create a story. Give stickers such as countdown stickers so that the audience is not fooled.

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Apart from the story, you also upload the news to the post. The news contains the date and time of the broadcast. Besides, give the initiative to the audience to fill in comments related to your business. From the comments, you will know what to tell.

2. Choose the Right Time

Instagram Live will be said to be successful if it can be seen by many viewers. It can happen when you have done the first requirement. However, how do you predict the right time for many people to watch Instagram Live?

First, you can check on Instagram Insight. In the Audience column, you can see what day and time your content was viewed by them. From there, you can get the right time to do Instagram Live.

Second, you can also check Later Analytics to check how the audience is behaving. You can find out when the audience that follows you is online. From there, you can schedule the right time to hold Instagram Live.

3. Pay attention to lighting and location

It’s important to know that good lighting determines how long your audience will be watching Instagram Live. Besides lighting, the right location is key to Instagram Live.

If you do this during the day, avoid turning your back to the sun. The display will be backlighted. If you do it at night, try setting the lights. For location, decide on a match according to your content and product.

Natural colors, like white, will give your product an elegant impression. If your video quality wants to look better, get a professional involved to make the lighting even more epic.

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4. Attractive Content

You have already received feedback from audiences in the post comments. You can use it to convey it. What you need to pay attention to is the arrangement of the content. You can start from the introduction, the content, the closing.

While chatting, you can insert pictures or videos, invite other people to chat with you, and also share the screen display of your cellphone with the audience.

Create content that makes the audience comfortable. To increase sales, insert attractive promos. If necessary, you can give an appreciation or giveaway for the best comments on your content.

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