4 Tips for Starting Online Selling for Beginner Businessmen

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4 Tips for Starting Online Selling for Beginner Businessmen

4 Tips for Starting Online Selling for Beginner Businessmen

4 Tips for Starting Online Selling for Beginner Businessmen

The beginning of 2021 is a new hope. That’s how everyone hopes when it’s time to walk in January. Moreover, for those who want to try selling online. This cannot be denied because doing business in the pandemic era is a necessity. However, what needs to be considered is how to start selling online for the first time?

This is what they need to think about, budding business people. Because sometimes they don’t understand what to do first. Do you prioritize product quality over service to customers? Or is it managing social media well instead of creating an online store website?

The two questions above need to be reconciled together. Good quality products, cool social media, customer-friendly online shop websites, and quality service to customers.

Therefore, below are tips to start selling online for beginner business people.

Online Selling Tips

Your Product Uniqueness

When you first entered the business world, you must have thought about what products to launch. Previously, you have researched which products are suitable for your niche.

So, what you need to introduce to potential customers is how unique your product is. If a customer buys your product, will it get a different sensation? Or is your product second to none? Or is your product best compared to competitors?

You need to add the above notes. You can put it in the product information column. Either through the website or social media.

Create an Online Shop Website

Why should a businessman have an online shop website? Isn’t it enough to use the marketplace? Moreover, nowadays many marketplaces are quite familiar to customers. Starting from Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapak, to Tokopedia.

Besides being familiar, its use is very easy. You only need to register, verify, then you are ready to put the product. Then, in just a matter of hours or even minutes, transactions can occur.

However, some things must be considered. Brand awareness and competition are quite high. Customers get your product not because they know your product. But customers have thought that with a marketplace, all products are available.

So, this is the advantage of an online shop website. You can increase brand awareness. Customers not only know but also understand your product. Besides, with a website, selling online, you can use advertising with Google Ads.

Apart from that, the website design can be designed as needed. So, customers will be made comfortable when transacting through the website. Also, you need to integrate a website with a payment gateway that best suits your customers’ needs.

Use a Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the king. This sentence is not a figment. That sentence contains a deep meaning. So, anyone who wants to do business needs to pay attention to the quality of each content on their website, not only for search engine robots, but it must be appropriate and interesting for your visitors to read.

Content doesn’t just use photos or videos. Both are important. Especially if you take advantage of content through social media. For example Facebook or Instagram. Visually, both Facebook and Instagram are very feast for the eyes of customers.

However, what is no less important is the blog. Writing that is read often is good writing. However, good writing and reading often are not enough. You need to organize how your writing is good, always read, and sought after by customers.

Therefore, you need to manage writing with SEO. So that blog optimization can be managed by SEO well and last for a long time.

Be active on Social Media

Social media is at the forefront of building a business. Many business people make good use of social media. This cannot be denied because social media users, particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, reached 87% in 2018.

So, business people must be aware that managing social media properly will increase sales figures. Besides, you can also build interactions with customers. When that happens, you will end up with loyal customers.

When you understand how to sell online, you are ready to run and develop your online business well. For your business to grow and increase the number of your customers, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and gives you many options to market your product.