4 Tips for Running Growth Hacking for Your B2B

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4 Tips for Running Growth Hacking for Your B2B

4 Tips for Running Growth Hacking for Your B2B

4 Tips for Running Growth Hacking for Your B2B

What is growth hacking? This is a fast-paced experimental method that focuses on the marketing funnel, product development, and sales to find the most efficient and most impactful way to grow a business.

Growth hackers (as people who pursue this field) focus on cost-effective ways to achieve extraordinary business growth, for example using tools such as content marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing, and PPC advertising.

A growth hacker team typically consists of programmers, marketers, engineers, and product managers who collaborate to produce a client database to help strengthen their business results.

Growth hacking is closer to the B2C business model, but can also be applied in B2B if it is adapted to the characteristics of B2B customers. Here are some tips for running growth hacking for your B2B:

1. Create Relevant and Valuable Content

Whatever type of content you create, whether it’s a whitepaper, ebook, blog post, case study, or webinar, make sure that you create content that is quality, useful, and can answer questions from your audience.

If your content can meet audience expectations, this will automatically increase your chances of conversion. Successful content can also be used in different marketing channels, you may get better results, so it doesn’t hurt to try.

2. Offer a Free Trial

The concept of “try before you buy” or “freemium” will give potential clients a golden opportunity to experience the product/service you offer first-hand. Attract their curiosity by providing a limited version of the product/service, so that it can encourage them to upgrade to the paid version with more complete features.

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Those who don’t upgrade are your main target in terms of growth hacking. Keep in mind that they are already willing to try out the free products/services you offer, this means they may need an additional boost to convert.

Take advantage of the contact list of users who have already tried your product, do email marketing to encourage them, and make sure to do A / B testing to optimize email for better conversions.

3. Create a targeted newsletter

Creating targeted email newsletters according to your defined audience segment can increase the visibility and credibility of your business. Use your email list to target your audience with content that drives them to conversion.

There are many ways to optimize your newsletter results, such as by sending at different times, experimenting with different types of content, or even personalizing email based on location.

4. Use Multiple Marketing Channels

Growth hacking relies heavily on data, and the best way to gather data is by using a variety of different marketing and advertising channels. Social media, for example, plays an important role in generating traffic, so it is important to keep abreast of algorithmic changes on the various social media platforms that you use.

However, don’t just focus on social media – many other channels can generate high-quality B2B traffic and leads, such as native ads, search ads, and more. The more diverse your channels, the better your chances of reaching more people and maximizing the results of your hacking growth.

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