4 Tips for Running an Instagram Takeover

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4 Tips for Running an Instagram Takeover

4 Tips for Running an Instagram Takeover

The Instagram takeover feature has recently become popular, even though this feature has been introduced since 2012 and popularized by brands such as General Electric, Burberry, and Food Republic. They invite Instagram users to take over their feed for one day.

Initially, Instagram takeovers were used as a fun way for brands and Instagrammers (especially influencers) to collaborate. While now it has turned into an important aspect of the Instagram marketing strategy.

What is Instagram Takeover?

Instagram takeover is the process of temporarily taking over someone else’s Instagram account, and sharing content with their audience. This is a great way for brands, individuals, and influencers to collaborate and cross-promote content.

This feature initially allowed other Instagram users to send only photos. Over time, you can post various types of content, ranging from videos, stories, and videos.

Why is Instagram Takeover So Beneficial to Brands?

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known entrepreneur and social media marketer, Instagram takeovers are not only fun, but also a great example of a 50/50 exchange – a form of mutual and equal cooperation.

With a takeover, the owner (host) ‘s Instagram account gets someone who can provide new value to their audience, while guests can reach new audiences with their content. In general, this is a win-win situation, aka a win-win.

Stages in Taking an Instagram Takeover

For this process to run optimally, do the following steps:


1. Determine the Target

The first thing you should think about is determining the target of this activity. Here are some targets to consider:

  • Increase brand awareness – increasing followers, reaching more audiences, more viewers, and so on.
  • Increase engagement – the number of interactions increases (likes, comments, views, or direct messages), the number of live viewers, and so on.
  • Promote Products or Events – increase traffic to your website, increase conversions, increase the number of visitors, and so on.
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2. Determine Who Your Guests Are

There are generally 3 types of guests you can work with, namely:

  • Influencers – people who have a certain number of followers, can have a strong influence on them.
  • Employees or Colleagues – they are people who can provide an overview to the audience about how your business works, and connect personally with the audience.
  • Community Members or Consumers – These are consumers, community members, or your brand ambassadors who can share their unique experiences relevant to your business and audience.

3. Determine the type of content that will be used

As with Instagram content in general, you can use 3 types of content in running an Instagram takeover, namely posts in the form of photos, stories, and live videos.

Adding “guest” photos to your feed will provide a new color that can reduce the saturation of your audience. Stories can make your audience feel a more personal experience. Meanwhile, live videos allow your audience to interact directly with the “guests” you invite.

4. Promote When to Takeover

Without promotion, your Instagram takeover may not go well (low engagement, low audience, etc.). So, make sure you have promoted this event a few days in advance, either on your own Instagram account or on your guest Instagram account.

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