4 Tips for Managing a Work From Home System During the Covid-19 Period

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4 Tips for Managing a Work From Home System During the Covid-19 Period

4 Tips for Managing a Work From Home System During the Covid 19 Period

Many companies have established policies for their employees to work from home to slow the spread of Covid-19 and safeguard the health and safety of their employees. This change creates a new set of challenges for managers to stay connected and support their employees who work remotely.

According to Darren Murph, head of remote GitLab, a company with the world’s largest remote workforce (managing 1,100 people spread across 65 countries). There are several things to consider when you have to manage employees who work remotely, here are 4 tips for managing a work system remotely according to Darren Murph.

Forming a Special Work From Home Team

Turning part or all of a division into a remote work system can be a surprising change. To help reduce this shock, start by evaluating the current manager and assembling a team of experts who have experience working remotely.

These people need to share their experiences if there are colleagues who have questions regarding this work system.

The core role of the team is to document challenges in real-time, prioritize challenges in a transparent manner, and assign a person to be in charge of finding solutions.

The executive assistant can also take a more significant role in this system. They can serve as documentaries or meeting minutes and assist in internal team communication.

Making a Handbook as a Guide for Everyone to Continue to Complete Their Work

This Handbook serves as a guide when team members working remotely have general questions about tools or access. You should communicate this handbook with team members and update them regularly.

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You can use a single page on your website or use other tools such as Notion and Ask Almanac to help manage your handbook more professionally even after the Covid-19 crisis is over.

One of the biggest challenges when running a remote work system is keeping everyone working efficiently. So, you need to have a good work system and control so that all the work can be done efficiently – and a handbook is one of the things you need.

Prepare a Formal and Informal Communication Plan

Depending on the size of your team, consider creating an informal, always-active video conferencing room in each division. This video conference room can be entered at any time by all team members both during working hours and outside working hours.

This virtual place is like a room in an office, and everyone is free to walk in and out of this room. This method can help adjust each member of your team to become accustomed to working remotely

Meanwhile, you also need to have a video conference room that is formal and only active during office hours. This is to distinguish between formal and informal conversations, especially when you communicate with customers.

Minimizing Too Much Tool Usage

When implementing a remote working system, don’t use too many tools. Google Docs; Slack or Microsoft Teams; and Zoom or another video conferencing platform will suffice for you to implement this system.

Companies that don’t have good documentation may have a hard time at first. However, this is the right moment for your company to run this work system, including for long-term plans.

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