4 Tips for Corporate Crisis Management During the Covid-19 Outbreak

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4 Tips for Corporate Crisis Management During the Covid-19 Outbreak

4 Tips for Corporate Crisis Management During the Covid 19 Outbreak
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The Covid-19 pandemic has caught the attention of everyone in the world. As a business owner, you have to adapt to this kind of crisis. The adaptation referred to here, for example, by implementing a remote working system, social distancing in the workspace, changing your marketing strategy to make it relevant to current conditions, and so on.

The point is that you have to make a good crisis management plan so that you can take the right action according to the situation that is currently happening.

Facing Covid-19 from a crisis management point of view is not much different from facing any other crisis. Your main goal is to have a crisis management plan that is flexible and responds well to unexpected events.

Forming a Special Crisis Management Team

If you don’t have one at this time, then immediately form a dedicated crisis management team. This team should consist of senior managers from each of the important divisions in your business, such as HR, security, law, and compliance.

Apart from that, you can also add members from other divisions such as IT, finance, operations, warehouse, as well as regional representatives.

Your crisis management team needs to have the authority to take policies and swift action in the face of certain situations. This team should reflect the strength structure and culture of your company.

Regional Consideration Factors

Once you have a crisis management team, you should also consider including a similar, but regional, team. In other words, this team will only deal with problems/crises in certain areas.

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This method is necessary if you have branch companies in several regions. The aim is to be clear about the roles and responsibilities of your team members at the regional level.

By having a clear crisis management structure from the central to regional levels, your business will be stronger in dealing with unexpected situations.

Planning Internal and External Communication

Begin to identify your business stakeholders, be they employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, or others. Next, you need to think about what message to convey to them, in what form, and how often.

Communication must make sense to all stakeholders. Make sure there are no conflicting messages, especially between internal and external messages. If your messages conflict, not only will you lose your credibility, but your reputation as well.

Review and Revise Your Business Plan

Try to review whether your business plan can still be executed during the Covid-19 outbreak. If this is not possible, you should immediately revise the plan (especially short and medium-term plans).

You also need to develop new policies to deal with the problems posed by Covid-19. At least your new policy can answer these questions:

  • Does your business have clear policies and procedures for implementing a work from home system?
  • What is your business policy if an employee is sick or is positive for Covid-19?
  • How is the privacy and data security of your employees working from home?
  • Can your business fulfill the work from home facility?

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