4 Things You Need to Do when Running Social Media Marketing in 2020

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4 Things You Need to Do when Running Social Media Marketing in 2020 1

4 Things You Need to Do when Running Social Media Marketing in 2020

4 Things You Need to Do when Running Social Media Marketing in 2020 1

In the world of marketing, especially social media marketing, has a climate of rapid change, both in terms of trends and the marketing strategies used. When entering the turn of the year for example, ideally you should evaluate the business performance during the year.

This needs to be done to find deficiencies that hinder business growth. You can use the results of this evaluation to develop a strategy for the following year.

Here are 4 things you need to consider when running social media marketing in 2020:

1. Follow Trends: Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D Visual

AR began to be widely known thanks to the lens features presented by Snapchat, and also by one of the games that had boomed a few years ago, Pokemon Go. Now you can design AR easily using Snapchat Lens Studio.

Although AR is still in its infancy, it’s a good idea to consider this technology when you want to create new content. It is not impossible if this AR technology will later become a new trend in the world of social media marketing.

Besides AR, 360-degree camera technology is also expected to become a new trend. The results of this camera allow you to view images or videos in 360-degree mode, which means you can see the conditions around the location of the photo/video as you wish.

2. Personalize Your Marketing Efforts

By 2020, consumers have become increasingly aware of cookies on websites and what information they share with companies. However, personal-based marketing is still a fairly effective strategy to implement.

In principle, this type of marketing is displaying advertisements that are relevant to the audience itself. For example, after you explore a website, you will see advertisements on Facebook that relate to the website’s topic. Or, when you visit a place, you will get an ad from the nearest cafe.

Algorithms related to personal marketing are constantly being updated so that the results of the ads displayed to the audience are more relevant so that your ads will continue to be remembered by them.

3. Support Services for Consumers

In running a business, it’s not only the marketing and sales aspects that you need to pay attention to, but also about the support services that you provide to consumers. Many of your customers want to talk directly about the product they have purchased, whether it’s about the information they don’t understand or if they encounter a problem.

With this support service, in addition to being a customer support service facility, you can also use it as your medium for running personal marketing. So that the communication process can run quickly, then you need to provide live chat services on your website.

4. Check Your Social Media Protocol

Even if you have a social media team that tends to be small, you still need written protocols and policies to prevent even the best or worst situations. The goal is that your team has clear guidelines for dealing with certain situations, so that actions taken are not based solely on emotions.

Check your current policy, and make revisions if necessary, especially if it is no longer relevant to current conditions.

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