4 Steps to Starting Digital Marketing

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4 Steps to Starting Digital Marketing

4 Steps to Starting Digital Marketing

Changes in the Way of Life in the Digital Age

The digital age has changed the way people live in various aspects. People tend to look for various information on the internet before doing something. For example, buying a mobile phone, we better find information related to what type of mobile should be purchased by considering all aspects such as budget, specifications, and brand. Therefore, small and medium businesses began to plunge and learn to become players in the digital age, expanding the market network by using digital marketing. Here are 4 preparations and ways to start digital marketing.

How to Start Digital Marketing

Go digital is the first step to start digital marketing. Here are 4 steps on how to start digital marketing,

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Determine Internet Media

Without the internet, digital marketing cannot work. Internet media is media that is used to store product data, both goods or services that we have. Instead, we must have at least one of the following lists to start digital marketing.

  • The website

Website can be used as a medium of business information, products, and contacts that we have.

  • Social media

Types of social media for businesses and products that we have, can be in the form of fan pages and official accounts. We can make it using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others.

  • Mobile Application

Mobile applications can produce loyal customers, but making applications requires a greater cost.

  • Marketplace account

Marketplace is a very important thing, for businesses that sell products in the form of goods. By having a marketplace account, we can even get consumers more easily. This is because the marketplace already has loyal users.

Determine Technology and Content

Technology and content are the second thing to consider before starting digital marketing.

Technology, can have a great influence on digital marketing performance. For example, the platform used to create a website, social media that will be used for official accounts, and advertising media that will be used for advertising.

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Content, has a role to convey the intent of digital marketing. Creative content is widely used as advertising media in the digital era, such as video ads and moving images.

Consider Cost and Time

After the internet media, technology, and content are determined, it can consider the costs and time needed to realize this. For example to create a website requires less cost and time than building applications to market products.

Go Digital

After that, we will be better prepared for the Go Digital step, by realizing what has been determined beforehand.