4 Social Media Trends That Can Increase Sales of Your Business

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4 Social Media Trends That Can Increase Sales of Your Business

4 Social Media Trends That Can Increase Sales of Your Business

Online business and social media are two inseparable things. Because social media currently plays the most important role in online marketing or digital marketing. Besides not requiring capital, marketing through social media is considered to be very effective. However, you must have consideration in choosing which social media channels are appropriate for your product and business. Because if you are not right in choosing the social media to be used, the possibility may actually result in lower productivity of your business.

When you have to choose one of the many types of social media, determining the choice that suits your target customer is the right way. For content, create content that is relevant and appropriate for your business goals. Know and understand who your target market is before deciding what social media you will use. Know the comparison of various types of social media based on the number of active users.

We Are Social states that there are 4 popular social media with the most active users. What are social media? The following explanation.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a very popular social media in Indonesia. Before other social media had many users, Facebook had been at the forefront with more than one billion users. Through Facebook, users are given the freedom to post status or content in the form of text, links, images and videos. Based on data that has been circulating, Facebook’s social media is able to share one million links in just twenty minutes.

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While related to your business, Facebook gives you the facility to create a business account that is directly connected to your personal account. So you can easily do your business marketing through social media Facebook. Building engagement with customers can also be done through this social media. Finally, through the use of a Facebook Page, you can promote products through advertisements that can target the target market that you have projected.

2. Twitter

Twitter social media has also been known for a long time, especially by young people. But unlike Facebook, social media is more based on microblogging which can only load content limited to only 140 characters.


In the business world, Twitter is usually used as a medium for disseminating the latest information, polling, asking questions, or asking for opinions from customers. The role of Twitter here is to connect you with customers. In this case it means that Twitter will be very appropriate if you intend to share information quickly to an audience.

3. Instagram

Instagram has recently become very popular compared to other social media, because the photography-based Instagram platform has the most interesting visual value. Finally, users are competing to show their best photos to the public via Instagram. Not only personal accounts that are the case, but now business accounts are starting to bloom on Instagram, and use them to do marketing with a variety of creativity through photos and videos.

Providing product information through photos and videos is of course more attractive to the audience to drive their curiosity about the product you are promoting. In addition, you can also add descriptions or persuasion sentences that can encourage potential buyers to buy products that you sell. You can also use hashtags that allow your posts to be accessed globally via cyberspace. No wonder now that various online shops have been promoting their products to millions of customers.

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4. Pinterest

Increase product promotion through the most popular search engine, Google, it is very possible for you to expand your business market. Your online business website can apparently achieve the best ranking in search engines by sharing promotional content in the form of images through Pinterest. This can happen because the trend in the form of quality photographs and images is increasing along with technological developments.

Having a website with the top rank is the desire of online business owners, as well as you, right? Therefore you can use Pinterest to support your business website SEO.

Those are the types of social media that you can use to promote your product and branding your business. And don’t forget to advertise through our services, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target the marketing target you want and gives you many options to market your product.