4 Reasons Why Brand Identity Is Very Important For Your Business

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4 Reasons Why Brand Identity Is Very Important For Your Business

4 Reasons Why Brand Identity Is Very Important For Your Business

4 Reasons Why Brand Identity Is Very Important For Your Business

Brand identity is about how you image your business in the minds of consumers, including how you choose your business name, logo design, color, shape or visuals, and the type of language you use (tone of voice).

Brand identity is different from the brand image – which is the result of this process. A successful brand identity will be translated into a positive brand image by consumers.

A strong brand identity can be recognized easily even by small children. Big companies like Apple, Coca Cola, Adidas, Nike etc. spend millions of dollars annually to promote and develop their brand, knowing that this will directly affect their sales and market share.

Why is Brand Identity Important for Your Business?

You may be thinking “But I’m not Apple!” or “What am I doing this for?”

You may not have a large potential market like some of the brands above, but there are some extraordinary benefits related to brand identity that you need to consider, namely:

1. Premium Price

Brand identity is closely related to the price of premium products. Why would someone be willing to pay more money for Lexus than for Toyota? Though both are similar products (of course, with several additional options and accessories).

You can see this sort of thing in Apple products too. Many of Apple’s competing products are just as technologically good as they are (or even better in terms of hardware), but the iconic Apple brand can hypnotize fans into buying Apple products, regardless of price.

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For small-scale businesses, a strong brand identity will place you in the minds of consumers as a brand that provides quality and is worth paying for. In other words, if you want to make more money from consumers, a strong brand identity is the answer.

2. The Illusion of Quality

If a Lexus is more expensive than a comparable competitor’s product, is it because Lexus is of better quality? Not necessarily. Maybe yes, maybe no.

There are many cheaper, quality cars on the market, but people are still willing to pay more for a product they think is of better quality.

The same principle applies to small-scale businesses. Maybe, there is no significant difference between your product and competitors’ products, but with a strong brand identity, your brand will be considered to have better quality.

3. Recognition and Loyalty

With a strong brand identity, consumers are much more likely to remember your business. Iconic names and logos, for example, can help you stay on top of potential consumers’ minds.

If consumers are satisfied with your product, their loyalty to your brand will be formed.

Remember that people love to be associated with well-known brands (brands that are known to provide good quality), and this is their pride. People like them – who have positive perceptions of your brand – will voluntarily recommend your products to their friends.

4. Be Unique and Different

A company will continue to look for ways to differentiate its brand identity from those of competitors. This is done so that they can stand out more in the market.

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The illusion of quality (point 2) can be used for this, and in doing so, you can return to the first benefit (point 1) and charge a premium price for the products you sell.

For a small business, you may need to invest more in this sector (brand identity) to help you win the competition even with other, bigger brands.

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