4 mistakes in social media marketing that are often underestimated

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4 mistakes in social media marketing that are often underestimated

Making mistakes in social media marketing is normal. But what if you make the same mistakes over and over again and often by many people? Of course, it will be very detrimental.

Some mistakes may sound trivial. Even so, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Here are 4 mistakes in social media marketing that are often taken for granted that you need to avoid.

1. Posting that is just posting

Social media exists as a platform for ongoing and engaging conversation, so if you don’t have something important to share – share nothing. If you don’t have anything important to say – say nothing.

Content that is too forced will feel fake and inauthentic. With so much content being produced on social media every day, an increasing number of social media users are more sensitive to fake and low-quality content.

Posts that are just posts will have the opposite effect of what you expect. Many people feel they have to post consistently to stay connected with their audience. You may be tarnishing your brand and reducing engagement rates if you post low-quality content.

So, make sure all the content that you post is well planned and thought out.

2. Too Rigid on Social Media Marketing Strategies

Many people are trapped in the social media marketing strategy they have. They continue with the strategy even though the results show that it doesn’t appeal to their audience.

Consistency is necessary, but look at the reality.

There are two reasons why this is a grave mistake. First, it stifles your creativity. Remember that inspiration can come at any time, but because you have to stick to a plan, it will pass you by. Second, it means you’re not paying attention to what matters most – your audience.

So, focus on what matters to your audience. Experiment, measure, study, and repeat. Go out of your plan if that’s necessary and what your audience wants.

3. Inconsistent Branding

What is unique about your brand? Is that uniqueness reflected in all your content? Does all of the content have consistency? If you want to build and maintain a strong brand, you must focus on the consistency of your brand.

Consistency doesn’t mean monotony. You can still try some variations or new formats. But at the same time, you also need to be consistent with the mission of your brand, the tone of voice, and the overall theme and appearance – fonts, colors, and so on.

Consistency also means publishing content consistently and keeping your promises. For example, if you say that there will be new IGTV episodes every week, then stick to that promise. This will increase the trust of your audience and the credibility of your brand.

4. Too Hard Selling

Indeed, your audience may not always know what they need. You may also feel confident that they need your product. However, doing hard selling is not the right way to make them realize it.

According to SurveyMonkey, 68% of people say that trust in a brand influences their decision when it comes to making a purchase. In other words, once you’ve earned your audience’s trust, they’ll be happy to consider your product when making a purchase.

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