4 Mistakes Frequently Made in the Affiliate Marketing Business

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4 Mistakes Frequently Made in the Affiliate Marketing Business

4 Mistakes Frequently Made in the Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is one of the business models that are quite popular on the Internet. When viewed from the way it works, Affiliate marketing is not a new style business model, because this business activity is the same as a broker. In other words, affiliate marketing is an online brokerage business.

Simply stated, the main task of an affiliate marketer is to invite other people to visit the merchant’s website or marketplace through a special link. When the person you invite is willing to visit and make a purchase or transaction on the merchant’s website, then you will receive a commission from the merchant.

However, even though it sounds easy, in reality, there are still many marketers who make common mistakes in running this business. What are the errors in question? Here are 4 mistakes that are often made in the affiliate marketing business.

1. Too Hard Selling

One of the most common mistakes that beginners often make is too hard selling or too passionate. You need to know that this way will only make your target audience stay away.

The most appropriate way is to show the benefits or advantages of the products you offer. Show that the product you offer is the solution to the problems your audience is experiencing.

If you succeed in convincing them, then you will automatically get higher conversions. Remember, the key is not to invite the audience to make a purchase, but show that the product you offer can indeed solve the audience’s problem, and is worth buying.

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2. Too Many Following the Affiliate Program

There are still a lot of newbie marketers who join many affiliate programs, even though this method will only make the affiliate marketing program not run well, because of the divided focus.

As we know that running this business requires a lot of time, so if you join too many affiliate programs it will make it difficult for you. So that this program can run optimally, you should not run more than 3 affiliate programs. Focus on affiliate programs that do have promising prospects.


3. Not Doing Link Tracking

The next most frequent mistake is not tracking your affiliate link. Link tracking is very important so you can find out the source of the link used when someone made a purchase.

That way, you will know which channels can produce better conversions. From there you can start developing similar types of promotions so you can get more conversions.

One way that can be used is to utilize shorten link services such as bit.ly which usually also provide data that is very useful for the future development of your business.

4. Do Not Make Comparisons

One of the best strategies for increasing online affiliate program conversions is to compare the products you offer with competing products.

You need to know that when someone will buy a product, usually they have narrowed the choices to 2 or 3 products. Therefore, you must be able to take advantage of this condition properly.

The easiest way is to show the advantages of your products that are not owned by competitors, or vice versa, show that competing products have more shortcomings than your product.

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If you apply this stepwell, an audience that originally had 2-3 product choices is not impossible to narrow it down to just 2 products, or even choose your product right away.

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