4 Mistake That Often Occur When Running Google Ads

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4 Mistake That Often Occur When Running Google Ads

4 Mistake That Often Occur When Running Google Ads

When you are about to start a campaign on Google Ads, you need to pay attention not only to the skill of determining keywords. But many things need to be considered so that errors do not occur when you run AdWords ads, so that losses do not occur. Therefore, you must avoid mistakes that can harm your business in the future. Marketers usually do this without realizing it. Here are some mistakes you need to know to keep your business running smoothly.

1. Market Segments are Too Broad

The main mistake that is often made by marketers is to set market segments that are too broad. This effort is not necessarily effective in attracting large numbers of prospective buyers. Because a broad market segment is not necessarily a potential prospect that you are targeting. For that, you only have to focus on the target market that is true potential.

The Google Ads campaign is considered to have a high conversion ratio with a low budget. You can project the target market to visit certain pages, so that they spend time exploring your site, as well as visiting the pages of a product and making a purchase.

2. Ads You Make Too Common

Creating an ad with a very public message will not give your audience a unique and interesting character. In fact, in advertising, you need to build an eye-catching element to be able to attract consumer interest. Besides, you can also add call-to-action.

Plan an ad that is different from market competition, you can make it more specific and prominent. For example, designing ad campaigns based on themes by offering solutions to meet customer needs.

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3. You Create a New Account That Includes Advertising Agency Advertising

Companies often make common mistakes such as creating a new AdWords account and including the advertising agency’s email address. This should not be done, because your company could lose access and Google Ads account history, if your business hires advertising agency services. Not all advertising agencies can risk this. However, you must remain vigilant because your Google Adwords analytics data is important and may be needed in the future.

The solution is that you can include an existing company email, or if you create a new account, just use an email address that has been tested.

4. Brands, Social Media and Landing Page Are Not Synchronized

Mistakes that are often made by business people can unwittingly cause their ads to not run effectively. For one thing, you create too many different concepts in each marketing channel. Because the entire platform that you use is a solid entity. So, you have to make the brand, social media pages, and landing pages harmonious.

Alignment must also be adjusted to the tagline as a support. Therefore, the consistency of branding will determine how your brand can cling to and gain consumer trust.

That is an explanation of the mistakes that are often made by marketers when running Google Ads that are important for you to know. So, you can optimize these ads so that your audience is compelled to make transactions, and sales can increase.

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