4 Marketing Techniques That Are Old Times

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4 Marketing Techniques That Are Old Times

4 Marketing Techniques That Are Old Times 1

The development of technology and information has made many marketing techniques that were once effective, now considered obsolete. In addition to technological and information factors, individuals living in this digital age have more complex behavioral characteristics, and have the ability to filter information.

Consumers are no longer those who are easily consumed by marketing tricks that tend to trick. Before making a purchase, they have a habit of doing research in advance related to the product they will buy.

Therefore, you also need to adjust to conditions like this. One of the first steps that needs to be taken is to adjust the marketing techniques used. Don’t use outdated methods anymore. Here are some of the lists:

1. False Recommendations or Testimonials

The recommendation or testimonial technique is indeed quite effective to increase the confidence of potential consumers. Unfortunately, many businesses want a shortcut with fake recommendations or testimonials.

For those of you who still use this method, you should stop starting from now. As explained earlier, consumers are now smarter. They will easily distinguish which fake testimonials are genuine ones.

Consumers will be more receptive to honest recommendations or testimonials, and tend to be more receptive to the fact that a product must have flaws.

2. Bulk Email

Initially sending emails to many people is an effective way to reach a wider market. However, this method is considered less attention to the relationship between brands and potential customers.

Letters that go to potential customers’ emails seem general and will ultimately be ignored by these potential customers. In addition, now there is also an email filtering feature that can filter emails sent to many people at once, and will automatically be put in a spam box.

Thus, marketing techniques that use mass e-mail delivery are no longer effective in reaching a wider audience.

3. Abstract Jargon

Words like “best”, “extraordinary”, “guaranteed”, etc. are often used to indicate the strengths of a product. Unfortunately, these words are actually considered abstract and seem to lose meaning. Consumers can not catch what is meant by these words. For example, best from what side? What makes it extraordinary? And so on questions.

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Therefore, you also need to explain briefly and concisely why the product can be said to be the best, extraordinary, and so on. Another alternative could be to provide a little information so that potential customers can learn more about the products you offer.

4. Outdated SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is always evolving from year to year with an algorithm that is also constantly updated. In other words, inevitably you must always be updated with the latest SEO techniques.

For example you want to optimize the article through keyword density in content with online business keywords. With the old SEO techniques, you certainly have to bring up these keywords in some parts of the article, such as meta-description, article opening sentence, article closing sentence, and repeated several times in the body of the article.

If it is too excessive in the use of these techniques, the article that you make may be less comfortable to read. If you use too many keywords in the article, your writing might be considered spamming by search engines. Remember that now search engines like Google can “read” your article.

Since Google uses the Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI system, articles that are optimized with keyword density can be defeated by articles written naturally and with quality. Paying attention to keyword density is important, but don’t overdo it to the point of making your article less enjoyable for your visitors to read.

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