4 Marketing Strategy Expanding Market Share with a Limited Budget

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4 Marketing Strategy Expanding Market Share with a Limited Budget

4 Marketing Strategy Expanding Market Share with a Limited Budget 1

The amount of marketing budget provided does not guarantee success. Although a large budget is considered to be able to bring high visibility to increase profits, in fact not all of it is. Because an ineffective marketing strategy can bring harm to the company. As an alternative, if your company does not have a large budget for marketing, try the following cheap and effective marketing tips is the solution.

1. Convey Information Through Press Releases or News

Society tends to access information continuously. If you have information that is interesting and worth reporting to the public, you can collaborate with the news media. Because most media will be happy about that. While press releases, it is also an inexpensive way to introduce your brand to the wider community. You can also use relationships that work as journalists or other parts of the media.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

Through PPC advertising, you can just spend expensive if you target keywords with high traffic. However, there are other ways to get this type of advertising at a cost that is friendly and more economical for novice entrepreneurs. For example, an advertising platform on Facebook that only charges 10 thousand per day.

3. Personal Branding

The way personal branding works is the same as corporate branding, but the difference lies in the subject: you or the individual. Personal branding functions to promote yourself and the skills you have on social media platforms. It also can be through a personal blog to get a high number of followers.

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Audiences tend to trust products not only from the company, but also because of the branding influence of their owners. Therefore, the role of personal branding is very important for you to be able to influence the audience. So that the content you publish has the opportunity to attract new potential customers.

4. Community and Forum

The power of a community as well as public forums and social media is enormous. Your involvement in a forum is important for marketing. For example, you ask questions to other forum members, answer questions from other members with the ability you have, and use certain moments to promote business. Because, the more often you are involved in forums and communities, the more opportunities you have to get potential buyers. In this activity, you can say there are no costs that you spend to do the promotion.

Doing an effective marketing strategy does not always require a large cost, you can do the methods that have been described. Marketing aims to have a big impact on your product to be widely known by the public. So that the opportunity to get sales in large numbers can occur.

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