4 Low Budget Content Marketing Strategies for Small Scale Businesses

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4 Low Budget Content Marketing Strategies for Small Scale Businesses 1

4 Low Budget Content Marketing Strategies for Small Scale Businesses

4 Low Budget Content Marketing Strategies for Small Scale Businesses 1

Content marketing is all types of content (blogs, photos, videos, etc.) that you post online to followers or to potential audiences in the hope that the content is shared, liked, or commented on. Believe it or not, content marketing is one of the factors that greatly influences your sales.

For those of you who run small businesses and have limited resources, the following content marketing ideas might inspire you:

1. Create a Blog

The only cost you have to pay to create a blog is your time or you only need a small fee for content marketing through a blog. Blogs are one of the best marketing ideas that allows you to easily connect with your audience.

Blogs can help answer FAQ questions in more depth. Besides, blogs can also be used as a medium to show the advantages and benefits of your product to its visitors.

Creating a blog is not difficult, all you need to do is create a subdomain for your blog, for example, your business.com/blog or blog.yourbusiness.com. Place a link to the blog on the main page of your website, so that your audience will be easier to access it.

2. Ask for Opinion on Social Media

After you post content on social media, ask your followers to respond to the content. Ask them to share their opinions in the comments column. This can be your parameter to measure how effective the content is.

This method is also effective for increasing engagement and allowing further interaction between your followers. If this is done consistently, you might be able to build a community of audiences – which in turn can increase brand awareness and make them loyal customers.

3. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Still related to social media, UGC can be said to be one of the cheapest content marketing ideas, even free. UGC utilizes content created by your audience. All you have to do is repost or reblog. Then how do you encourage your audience to create content that you can repost? Some of the tips below might help you.

  • Make a contest – people like contests that allow them to win something. Indeed, you need to give a prize to the winner of the contest. However, don’t ever think that your money will be in vain.
  • Speak as it is – tell the audience that you want to use their content. People like when their posts get the attention of the brand, then take advantage of this opportunity.

First, find the most relevant photo or content from one of your audience. Then repost and let the other audience know that they also have the same opportunity to be reposted by you.

4. Testimonials or Reviews

Testimonials are a fairly effective way to increase audience confidence in your product. Ask an influencer or your client to provide testimonials on your product. Remember that when someone wants to shop online, usually they will see what other customers are saying who already use the product.

Testimony from a public figure or influencer will certainly have a greater impact than ordinary people. If possible, you can also work with an influencer to review your product through video content. An influencer certainly can influence his audience, including to buy certain products.

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