4 Indicators of Brand Awareness You Need to Pay Attention to

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4 Indicators of Brand Awareness You Need to Pay Attention to

4 Indicators of Brand Awareness You Need to Pay Attention to

4 Indicators of Brand Awareness You Need to Pay Attention to

Before you create content to create brand awareness, it is important to consider what type of content to create. This will affect the brand awareness indicator when you take measurements.

Infographics, for example, are often used as link building tools. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as your goal is to get links. On the other hand, infographics are not very effective if you want to increase brand awareness.

Some types of content that are effective for increasing brand awareness are: publication of articles on other people’s websites (guest posting), videos, collaborative podcasts, webinars, ebooks, reviews from third parties, and conducting research.

After you know what types of content are suitable for increasing brand awareness, now pay attention to the following 4 indicators when you are going to take measurements.

1. Mention

Mentions are when your brand name appears or is mentioned in the media or on blogs of other parties you do not work with. Mention also includes original content that you publish (research, podcasts, etc.) and appear in other party’s content, either partially or in a wider story.

By monitoring mentions, you will gain valuable insight into your customers, be able to provide excellent customer service, find potential customers, monitor the performance of your hashtags, and see how you stand against competitors.

2. Website Traffic

You can use Google Analytics to analyze organic traffic, direct traffic, and referral traffic on your website. This will give you insight into whether your Public Relations (PR) and social media efforts are successful in encouraging your audience to visit your website.

For example, you might see a spike in traffic when you are in a heavy marketing effort or when you launch a new product. By looking at referral traffic, for example, you will be able to identify exactly which articles succeeded in getting people to visit your website, and the quality of those visits.

3. SOV and SOI

Share of Voice (SOV) is one of the most popular indicators in the world of PR. SOV is defined as the percentage of reach and conversation about your brand (news, blogs, Twitter, etc.) compared to your competitors.

SOV only measures the amount of reach, not the quality of that reach. To fix this, you need to look at Share of Impression (SOI) – the percentage of the total number of people who have a chance to be exposed to your social reach compared to competitors.

When you look at the two together, you can measure the quality of your brand coverage. If your brand’s SOV is low but has a high SOI, this means that your reach is not as broad as competitors, but with better quality coverage.

4. Branded Search

The number of people searching for your brand online can show how much awareness the majority has of your brand. Unfortunately, this tracking used to be a lot easier before Google started hiding its tracked keyword data.

You only need to look at your keyword data in the traffic reports in Google Analytics. Although some of this data is still available there, the amount is so small that it is not reliable.

Fortunately, there are still many ways to gauge how your audience search behaves with your brand. By running a campaign on AdWord, for example, you can reveal how many people searched for you online, and see how their search behavior has changed over time.

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