4 Important Sales Strategies That Must Be Implemented During the Covid Period

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4 Important Sales Strategies That Must Be Implemented During the Covid Period

4 Important Sales Strategies That Must Be Implemented During the Covid Period

4 Important Sales Strategies That Must Be Implemented During the Covid Period

One of the biggest business news in the world today is the coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic affects all types of industries, from the travel industry to global retail. The stock market is also subject to high volatility, prestigious business events have been canceled or postponed, travel restrictions between countries, even lockdowns.

In times of crisis, when the news is full of shocking and unpleasant topics, you need to stay calm. You may not be able to control the situation out there, but remember that there are things you can control.

Just like when you do virus prevention in your daily life (using a mask, social distancing, and diligently washing your hands), so does business.

Several sales strategies must be implemented as soon as possible so that you can reduce the impact of Covid-19.

“Stock” New Leads Starting From Now

Just like when you self-isolate at home, you also need to “stock” new sales leads or prospects. You have to do it right now. Take your time and resources to find new prospects, even if you are busy.

Even though your industry has not been directly affected by Covid-19 so far, it is possible that this outbreak could have a wider and more severe economic impact.

Your business will be better prepared for a pandemic if you have more potential clients/customers you can work with over the long term. Even if the panic caused by Covid-19 turns out to be in the short term, or the Indonesian economy goes into recession, “stocking up” leads is simply not a bad idea.

Participating in Helping Solve Covid-19 Problems

Depending on your type of business, your potential customers may have concerns regarding Covid-19. Take some time to rethink what your business can provide to help solve the Covid-19 problem.

The products or services that you sell today may still be relevant to current conditions, it’s just that you need to slightly adjust your sales strategy. This aims to show that you have a concern for this issue, and at the same time show that your product can be a solution during the Covid-19 outbreak.

You can start identifying your client or customer concerns. Fit this issue into your marketing strategy. Its main purpose is to show how your solutions can help – during times of pandemics and when conditions return to normal.

Creative in Sales Presentations

The coronavirus is forcing many businesses to reduce travel and in-person meetings. This means that web-based presentations are becoming more important than ever. So, start repacking your sales pitch in the form of a complete and attractive virtual presentation.

There are a few other creative ways you might want to try:

  • You can take your clients on a virtual tour of your office.
  • Undertake an in-depth virtual product demo involving your technical team.
  • Send YouTube videos to clients about the products or solutions that you can provide, and then you can discuss it while watching the video via video conference.
  • Use a variety of collaboration tools to communicate with your clients more effectively.

Don’t Panic, Don’t Stop Selling

Don’t panic and avoid making too bad a guess. Focus on continuing to sell and find new customers. Believe that we can get through the economic crisis (don’t forget history). Indeed, this situation might not return to normal any time soon. However, you have to keep looking for ways to adapt and stay in business.

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