4 Important Role of Merchandise as Media Promotion

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4 Important Role of Merchandise as Media Promotion

4 Important Role of Merchandise as Media Promotion 1

Merchandise, usually given to consumers or customers by companies or outlets because they have participated in or participated in certain activities. These products can be given free or paid. Then, does merchandise also act as a promotional medium for business? Check out the following explanation.

The Role of Merchandise as a Promotion Media for Your Business

Merchandise is any form of product that displays a company or brand name, logo, and other profiles, which are given to consumers. Not only large companies that provide merchandise to customers, business people, or small and medium businesses can also use it for promotional activities.

This method is considered effective as one of the promotion strategies because the merchandise has an important role as a promotional medium to increase the brand awareness of your business. Here are 4 important roles of merchandise as a promotional media for your business:

1. Attractiveness for Consumers

The tendency of people to buy a product, one of which is to get merchandise offered from certain brands. It is not uncommon for consumers to be tempted to buy products or use certain services to obtain merchandise. This shows that merchandise has a special attraction for consumers. So if you are a business person or business owner, you can use this method to introduce new products or encourage increased sales.

2. Encourage Increased Product Competitiveness

A crowded market competition with a variety of products is certainly not easy for you to win. You must be able to provide added value that can be the difference between your product and that of competitors.

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In this case, merchandise can be one way to attract the attention of consumers and be a differentiator from your competitors in the market. The more value you offer will be seen by consumers as excellence and attractiveness. So they are compelled to buy your product.

3. Appreciation to Customers

If your company organizes an activity, you can simultaneously give appreciation to consumers through the provision of merchandise. Because, by giving these products to consumers, you indirectly appreciate them for using your product.

4. As a Long-Term Promotion Media

In general, the various merchandise brands and companies provide to customers are long-term or can be used for a long time. This means that consumers will find it easier to remember your brand contained in the merchandise.

When compared with promotional media in the form of booklets or brochures, merchandise is considered superior. Because merchandise has a longer usefulness than a booklet or brochure. So, when consumers need the product or service that you offer, they will consider buying your product again.

Because the role and function of merchandise are quite important, through this product you can use it as an effective promotional media. Your goal to increase sales can be achieved.

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