4 Important Paradigms in Marketing Strategy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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4 Important Paradigms in Marketing Strategy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

4 Important Paradigms in Marketing Strategy During the Covid 19 Pandemic

You are likely experiencing a decline in sales and income recently due to Covid-19. You are not alone, almost all business sectors experience the same thing. Even some business sectors have been forced to temporarily close to survive Covid-19.

This condition makes businesses need to think about a more mature marketing strategy, and maybe never thought of before.

An online marketing strategy can be the best choice for now. This is because many people are isolating themselves at home, so the consumption of digital content will automatically increase.

The following are some marketing strategy ideas that you can consider during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don’t Make Panic Decisions

Maybe your business is down at the moment, or you can’t even sell at all. Trust that everything will return to normal. China can be an example of how they have passed the peak of the pandemic and are in the process of recuperating.

Of course, you shouldn’t underestimate the terrible effects of Covid-19. Many people around the world are exposed to this virus with an alarming death rate.

As a business owner, you shouldn’t make decisions based on panic. Remember that most businesses will survive chaos, be it in times of war, recession, and pandemics in the past – history has recorded that.

When you panic, it is possible that your competitors are making big plans so that they can survive amid a pandemic and take advantage of it.

Stay Connected with Your Customers on Social Media

People use social media more often during these difficult times. If you are in an area that is implementing PSBB, then social media will be one of the most effective forms of communication.

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While using social media, people tend to pay attention to content that is useful and catches their interest. This is your chance to stay connected with your audience through content that matches their interests.

This will keep your brand in the minds of the audience, and your brand may be their first choice once the situation has returned to normal.

Take a Role to Help Others

When you do something kind, (for example, make a humanitarian donation), people will remember what your business did well.

If you can help others at times like this, then do it. For example, if you are currently engaged in textiles, then you can try to produce masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – which, as is known, the stock on the market is very limited so that many medical personnel are threatened with safety.

Granted, this is not a marketing strategy that looks great. However, your customers will always remember what you have done and they will become more loyal to your brand.

Adjust Your Offer to the Circumstances

Have you ever noticed commercials on TV that are less relevant to the current situation? These ads run as usual (as if they were not affected by Covid-19).

This kind of thing will create a new perception in the minds of customers that the company does not have a sense of empathy for the current situation. Of course, this is detrimental to the branding of a business.

What to do? You have to be able to move fast and adapt to the current situation. Show that your business has empathy, and participates in preventing the spread of Covid-19 from spreading.

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