4 Examples of Consumer Empathy Marketing Effective During a Pandemic

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4 Examples of Consumer Empathy Marketing Effective During a Pandemic

4 Examples of Consumer Empathy Marketing Effective During a Pandemic 2

There are many ways to get consumer engagement, one of which is to have empathy for consumers.

Empathy itself is a situation where you can feel, see, and understand other people’s situations, conditions, perspectives, and even emotions.

In modern marketing science even in a narrower context, touching customer emotions is a mandatory thing that must be done when implementing a marketing strategy.

Besides that, emotions are also very close to the experience. Humans will feel more of their experience through taste. Knowing consumer emotions also helps you to determine and even design your product.

For this reason, marketing with a consumer empathy approach is needed to be able to touch consumer emotions as an effort to conduct employee engagement.

Harnessing Consumer Empathy during a Pandemic

During a pandemic, people’s mental condition will experience three things; feeling scared, rushed, and out of control.

People tend to move based on the psychology they are experiencing at that time. This was proven when the first case of COVID-19 in Indonesia people flocked to buy masks without thinking.

McKinsey also stated that in times of crisis, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers will decide to buy something based on what they need most.

This is also confirmed in research conducted by marketing dive. 56% of customers will choose products that have empathy for consumers when times are difficult. In this case, it is the COVID-19 pandemic.

After knowing that marketing based on consumer empathy is very effective during a pandemic crisis, here are 4 examples of empathy marketing that you can try in your business.

Make Your Business Operations Known to Consumers

One way to build consumer empathy is to share your current business conditions with your customers.

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You can tell how you manage the product, your current business condition, health procedures, workflow, and delivery.

For example, you manage a packaged food business, you can create a live or video campaign on social media about how you process the food to be sold, how to package your products, to the condition of your employees.

You can also tell consumers what conditions your business is facing right now by building interactions. So that your empathy and brand can reach your consumers.

For example, you are a software service entrepreneur, you can tell consumers that a COVID-19 situation like this has disrupted on-site consultation. So you offer discounts and alternative media consultations to consumers as a form of empathy.

In addition to operations and conditions, you also need to be open about how your product gets to consumers.

For example, when the goods will be sent, tell consumers that the goods may experience delays due to stay at home and other regulations.

Engage Your Customers Immediately

The best way to give empathy is to put it into practice. You can involve your customers in your business processes.

There are a variety of ways that your customers will be directly involved with your business. For example, by crowdsourcing products from consumers where the sales of these products will be donated to the hospital.

You can also involve consumers by opening up channels of opinion and input related to products or strategies that can be done.

Making consumers feel like they own your brand is a basic output of building empathy for a marketing strategy.

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Forms of Flexibility and Reliable After-Sales

You can offer flexibility to consumers if you focus on service products.

For example, by extending the payment term, money-back guarantee, and also payment disbursement flexibility.

You can also create a reliable after-sales service, for example by extending the warranty period, 24-hour service with video conferencing media, and also free consulting services.

Reliable after-sales or after-sales service can build good empathy with consumers.

Personalize Your Business Campaign

During a pandemic, people are prone to stress and fear. People also tend to choose the items that best suit them.

Position your brand campaign as a consumer. Make your customers say, “we are in the same boat” when viewing your brand campaign.

Create a brand campaign that makes consumers think you care about them.

You can try shareable content, personalized advertisement, to satirical comedy content as your brand campaign.

But remember, the campaign that is made must not be sensitive, let alone in conflict with the current pandemic conditions.

Suppose you are a food businessman and use the campaign, “chili sauce using fingers is better!” Campaigns like this during a pandemic, instead of increasing empathy, can add hate to your brand.

These are examples of empathy marketing practices that you can try during a pandemic.

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