4 Effective Tools for Instagram Marketing Optimization

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4 Effective Tools for Instagram Marketing Optimization

4 Effective Tools for Instagram Marketing Optimization 1

Competition in the digital business market is getting tougher from time to time. As we can observe that there are currently many online buying and selling transactions that people are starting to like as a new way of shopping. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Line, Instagram, have been used for a long time by business people.

Like Instagram for example, there are currently many online businesses that rely on the social media platform as a sales medium. Usually, they use Instagram marketing strategies to increase sales in the long run.

Then, how do you get your Instagram marketing strategy to compete with the rapid growth of the online business market?

In this case a lot of efforts you can do to penetrate the competition in the digital market, one of them by using tools to optimize Instagram’s work. With these tools, you can improve image quality and sell products effectively. Because, the features provided are quite diverse such as filters, photo editing, to auto-post content that you can set as you wish.

Here are a variety of tools that you can use to optimize your Instagram marketing efforts:

1. Layout

This Layout application made by Instagram can be used for free either through iOS or Android. Its function is to create multi-image collages that make it easy for you to post large numbers of photos in one post. In one post, you can combine several photos at once in large numbers and provided a variety of layout variations. Putting together various moments in one post can add quality to your content which can attract audience interest.

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You can use the application for free. However, if you want more features, you can purchase to access it.

2. PicPlayPost

The PicPlayPost application offers advantages in packaging content to be more attractive with features such as GIF, photo collages, video collages, and other college features. The features of this application allow you to place single or large images next to videos. Besides, you can also add background music to make the content more interesting. PicPlayPost can be used for iOS or Android for free.

3. Lapse It

Not long ago time-lapse videos became very popular. Lapse It is an application that can help you to produce videos with a speed that is doubled or slowed. You can slow down or add acceleration to the video to record certain moments, for example capturing the sunset. Besides allowing you to slow down and speed up the video, you can also provide background music. Applications that are equipped with 50 filters are quite easy to use.

4. Scheduling Tools

For digital marketers, it is very important to know the time efficiency of posting content. Because, the most popular time or prime time is usually seen according to your time zone, industry and audience. Publishing photos at the best time allows you to reach the maximum audience, with a specific target market. At present, many application choices and scheduling tools can make it easier for you to post as optimally as possible, at these times. Thus, audience engagement for your product is increasing.

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Those are the types of tools that you must know for Instagram marketing optimization. By maximizing the use of Instagram, you can attract more audiences to make transactions.

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