4 Easy Ways to Learn Digital Marketing

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4 Easy Ways to Learn Digital Marketing

4 Easy Ways to Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or e-marketing is an effort made to market a product or service using the internet or electronic media. As the name implies, the intended marketing activities are carried out by utilizing the internet network.

The number of internet users in Indonesia has exceeded half of Indonesia’s population, which is around 137 million people, and 90% of them use the internet to open social media. This figure shows a tremendous market potential. You can market products to more than 137 million people in a simple and affordable cost.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • Not limited by time, because it can be accessed 24 hours.
  • It can reach a wider market, even to foreign countries.
  • Reducing marketing costs because there is no need to build branch offices/outlets.
  • Reducing operational costs because there is no need to print brochures, banners, pamphlets, and so on.
  • Make it easy for businesses to interact with consumers through social media, chat, or email.
  • Internet marketing can make your product more valuable than competitors.

After knowing the market potential and advantages of digital marketing, it’s time for you to start implementing marketing through the internet. However, there are some important things that you must pay attention to before starting digital marketing.

Product Research

Product research is the main key before you start digital marketing. You have to know what products the market wants. If the product you are selling does not match market demand, then your chances of getting a profit are very small.

The easiest method of product research is to look at a large marketplace in Indonesia, then observe what products are the best sellers. Bestseller products are products that are usually becoming a trend in society. This means that the demand for these products is high. Besides, you can also use Google Trends services to find out what products are often sought by internet users.

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Understand Competitors

After determining what products you will sell, the next step is to observe the competitors that you will face later. The goal is that you have a picture of business opponents, so you can make a product that does not have weaknesses like those of your competitors.

Use the Leader Pricing System

This system requires you to set the price of the product you are selling is lower than the market price. Although the benefits are minimal, consumers prefer products at lower prices for products of equal quality. This means, your product will be chosen more often when compared to competitors’ more expensive products.

For example, you make a profit of $ 5 for each product, for a total of 30 sales. Whereas competitors take advantage of $ 7 for each product, with a total of 15 sales. The example shows that you can get more profit because of lower selling prices with more quantity than competitors.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The final step is to determine the marketing strategy that you will use. There are many digital marketing options that you can use to market your product, including the following:

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media is very effective to be used to market your products on the internet. Facebook, for example, is the most active social media user in the world. Not surprisingly, Facebook is the most promising place to market your product. Besides Facebook, there are many other social media which also have a very large user base such as Instagram and Twitter.

  • Youtube Marketing

Youtube is the largest video sharing site in the world. You can exploit this potential by creating a Youtube channel that contains video content about your product. Make the content as attractive as possible to increase the number of viewers.

  • Website Marketing
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By having a website, you can introduce your product to consumers in more depth, so consumers can get any information about your product.

Several things need to be considered in website marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which aims to make your website occupy the top position of the search page so that more visitors can come. The fundamental difference between the two is the method used. SEO needs to do keyword optimization so it takes a long time for your website to be in the top position, while SEM is suitable for those of you who want an instant way, certainly by spending some costs.

In addition to SEO and SEM, you must also pay attention to content marketing. It is better not to do advertising openly because it makes your website visitors move to another website. Make content in the form of articles, audio, presentations, or videos that sell the value of the benefits of the products you offer. That way, your website visitors will be more confident to choose your product.

Thus the discussion about how to easily learn digital marketing that you can refer to. By using the right strategy, the profits will also increase. After the marketing process goes well, you need to develop the business to be even more developed. As natural as a business, don’t forget to use the Froggy Ads ad network to advertise your products.