4 Digital Marketing Myths You Need to Avoid

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4 Digital Marketing Myths You Need to Avoid

4 Digital Marketing Myths You Need to Avoid

Apparently, myths are created not only around the mystical world. In fact, modern things like digital marketing also have myths in them. However, the digital marketing myth is somewhat different from the usual world myth. The myth of the digital realm is due to misconceptions about digital marketing.

Although digital marketing is the most effective and modern strategy for business, some aspects are still often misunderstood so that myths arise in it. Want to know what digital marketing myths are still circulating among the public? Let’s read more in the following article!

Digital Marketing Is Only For Big Business

Indeed, owning a large business and running digital marketing can have more benefits thanks to large funds and the latest technology used. However, that does not mean that small businesses cannot take advantage of digital marketing and benefit from it.

No matter how big a business, digital marketing can be very useful for all sectors and industries. Because, by using digital marketing methods a business can run without the need to have a physical location. In addition, the potential for sales will no longer only reach the surrounding or local environment, but also the global market.

Through digital marketing, a business also gets engagement faster, and it is easier to collect marketing analytics. The product marketing process can also be more consistent and easier to monitor.

Don’t Worry About Quality Content

There is a quote that says like this, “Content is the king.” Presumably, the quote is true. To build and develop a good business, quality content is very necessary. A content in a digital marketing strategy must be interesting and able to arouse the curiosity of the target audience.

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However, it is not only interesting, a quality content also needs to contain enough relevant keywords. The more the target audience likes what they see, the higher the chances of them visiting your website and increasing your business conversions.

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Digital Marketing is Unused in My Business Industry

It seems that this one myth arises due to the confidence of some business owners who are satisfied with their loyal customers. However, with the increase in online consumers as evidenced by the rapid growth of ecommerce growth and the attitude of dependence on social media, it seems that digital marketing is now important in any business strategy.

An expert in the business world will definitely apply digital marketing techniques such as SEO, Google Ads, Google Display Network, or Social Media Ads. Because, these experts are aware that these new ways can direct new and old customers impulsively to make transactions on their products.

Moreover, the pattern of today’s customers forms a behavior to find out product reviews by surfing the internet. Not only that, they also use social media like Facebook and Twitter to get to know more about a brand.

Then what if you don’t have a digital footprint at all? How do customers know if you exist and have a business that can meet their needs?

SEM (PPC Ads) Can Override SEO

Indeed SEM can produce conversions faster than SEO. It seems, as a result of this, SEO was dumped and replaced with SEM which can provide instant traffic.

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Placing PPC ads will indeed give results in just minutes, and SEO takes longer. However, this long process if managed properly can produce better results than PPC in a longer period of time.

In addition, ignoring SEO in running a website will make you fail to optimize it to meet search engine standards. This has a negative impact on the SERP ranking that your website has. One example is your website will not appear on the first pages of search engines, and appear on the last pages.

So, you already know, right, what are the many digital marketing myths that develop in a society? So, don’t misunderstand again, with that opinion.