4 Considerations Before Buying a Point of Sales System for Your Business

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4 Considerations Before Buying a Point of Sales System for Your Business

4 Considerations Before Buying a Point of Sales System for Your Business

Point of Sales (POS) is a computation-based system that utilizes a combination of software and hardware to support direct transactions between sellers and buyers, which is also equipped with various other additional functions. POS is the final selling point, and this is where a transaction can be said to have been completed (the consumer pays for the product he purchased).

The presence of POS has made a big difference in the retail business world. In the past, retail stores only used calculators or simple software on computers, POS offers efficiency and an integrated system.

Benefits of Point of Sale

There are many benefits that you can get by using POS, here are some of them:

  • Record every transaction in full and in detail so that you can calculate sales and profits over a certain period.
  • You can check the stock of goods in all your branches without having to visit them in person. This will also reduce the potential for employee fraud or negligence.
  • Sales reports can be found online and in real-time anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • You can change the selling price quickly and easily via the mobile app or computer.
  • Get notified when there is a shortage of stock, so you know when to add stock.
  • Speed ​​up the process of your transactions with consumers. You no longer need to do calculations manually, both calculating the amount that the consumer has to pay and the change.

Considerations When Buying a POS System

1. Buy as needed

Before buying, consider what your business needs. There’s no need to spend more money on features you don’t need, which saves more money.

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Many POS system providers set prices that are not cheap, especially if you have more than one branch. Some of them also use a subscription fee system, so you may need to make payments every month.

2. Necessary Devices

POS systems usually require you to purchase specialized hardware and software. Hardware that is usually used such as touch screen monitors, printers, cash drawers, and so on. Meanwhile, software is a program that manages all the hardware to run properly.

A good POS software generally has several important functions such as inventory management, financial reports, sales reports, tax calculations, employee management, and many more.

3. User-Friendly UI

A POS system that is confusing (UI is not user friendly) or requires intensive training will only make it difficult for you. Apart from making your employees feel embarrassed, user-unfriendly POS will also slow down your transaction process.

Meanwhile, the user-friendly UI can make it easier for you when using it. You don’t need to take time-consuming training, because you can learn it yourself by yourself.

4. Technical Support

You may encounter problems with your POS system that you cannot handle alone. So, make sure you buy a POS system that also provides technical support that can help you when you are facing technical problems in the POS system.

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