4 Case Studies of Application of B2B Content Marketing that are a Big Success

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4 Case Studies of Application of B2B Content Marketing that are a Big Success

4 Case Studies of Application of B2B Content Marketing that are a Big Success

Speaking of B2B content marketing, you are entering a vast world. You may not be able to imagine how much B2B content marketing is out there. There will probably be thousands of guides on many things, from brand voice, writing techniques, market segmentation, and much more.

But, forget it all. Because here you will learn how the big companies in the world do this. Here are 4 case studies of successful B2B content marketing applications.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot can be a great example of how to do B2B content marketing right.

First, the HubSpot blog is divided into two distinct paths: marketing and sales. Several other blogs often mix and mix the two. It makes sense that the two disciplines are often closely related and overlap on several topics.

However, HubSpot understands that interesting and in-depth content is something that its audience needs. So, HubSpot separates the two to provide content that is more focused, comprehensive, and according to audience needs.

HubSpot content is also very high quality, ranging from very detailed guides to free resources. HubSpot is the first place for many marketers from all disciplines, because the content that is presented is of very high quality, and the benefits of it can be felt.

HubSpot provides its readers with original data, research, and new insights. This makes it one of the best examples of B2B content marketing.

2. General Electric

While General Electric (GE) may be best known for its microwave oven television broadcasting division led by Alec Baldwin, GE is also one of the best B2B content publishers in the world.

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GE is a large company with dozens of divisions, hundreds of products, and thousands of physical locations. At a scale of this size, GE publishes a wide range of stunning content to appeal to decision-makers across a wide range of industries. However, of the many types of content, the one that shines the most is The Txchnologist, an online magazine.

Technologist content focuses on developing the latest technology. This allows other businesses to see the benefits of the technology offered and also how the technology can shape the world in a broader sense.

Overall, GE proves that B2B content marketing doesn’t have to be boring or rigid.

3. Buffer

Buffer is not only an excellent social media management tool, but it is also one of the best B2B marketing blogs on the internet. Launched in 2010, Buffer has been committed to always creating quality content from the start, and this is what sets it apart from several other similar blogs.

Uniquely, Buffer embraces a radical culture of transparency – a movement that has grown rapidly since Buffer has boldly made every aspect of the company visible to anyone.

Buffer content not only displays a lot of data and research, but also interestingly processes the data and research. Often they combine marketing data with insights into psychology and other topics of interest.

This led to thousands of backlinks and incredible brand exposure and helped Buffer achieve higher growth rates than ever before.

4.Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

CMI is the world’s leading authority in all things content marketing. Although the advice and strategies outlined by CMI are more likely to be useful to individuals who have personal blogs, CMI stands out as an invaluable resource for B2B content marketers.

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Like some of the names that have been mentioned above, CMI also provides a variety of interesting content, be it in the form of writing, infographics, or other data visualizations based on research it has done on its own.

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