4 Business Ideas Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak That Can Last Long Term

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4 Business Ideas Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak That Can Last Long Term

4 Business Ideas Amid the Covid 19 Outbreak That Can Last Long Term

The Covid-19 outbreak has been declared a pandemic by WHO. As of March 24, 2020, this outbreak has spread to more than 180 countries with the number of positive patients reaching more than 300 thousand people.

As an entrepreneur, you can also take a role to minimize the spread of this epidemic. For example, by looking for new business ideas that can help meet people’s needs as well as provide benefits for yourself.

No ideas? Relax, here are 4 business ideas that you can run during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Online Medical Assistance, Medical Supplies, Pharmacy, Insurance, and Other Health-Related Industries

During the Covid-19 outbreak, online medical platforms such as Alodokter and Halodoc have provided free online diagnostic services as a first step to detect potential exposure to the coronavirus.

This step was taken to help screen patients who were suspected of being positive for Covid-19 and patients who had the common cold. Besides, this measure is also effective in reducing the burden of offline medical services, reducing the risk of cross-infection caused by human contact, and increasing brand awareness regarding online medical services.

This outbreak has also stimulated the growth of telemedicine services, namely remote care services utilizing video conferencing technology.

Many hospitals are willing to try and take advantage of telemedicine. In the next two or three years, telemedicine is expected to be widely used to treat patients who do not need to meet face to face.

What’s more, public awareness about healthy living is also increasing. This will have an impact on the development of medical equipment, medical supplies, the pharmaceutical industry, and stimulate demand for health-related products, including life insurance and health insurance.

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Nowadays, consumers already have their shopping needs online. With the Covid-19 outbreak, this habit will increase as people prefer #stayhome and buy daily necessities online.

E-Commerce in the fresh food and agriculture sector is also experiencing very rapid growth due to increasing public awareness of healthy living.

Apart from the fresh food and agricultural sectors, market demand for the following products is also increasing:

  • Disinfectant cabinet
  • Automatic dishwasher
  • Automatic floor sweeping robot
  • Ultraviolet lamp for disinfecting
  • Quality food and health products

Online entertainment

The popularity of online entertainment such as online gaming, online movie streaming (Netflix, Viu, Iflix, etc.), and live streaming has increased significantly amid the Covid-19 outbreak. It is not surprising, because the Government has appealed to the public to carry out social distancing and self-isolation to suppress the spread of Covid-19.

Online entertainment is very effective in warding off boredom when people have to isolate themselves at home.

Several online movie streaming platforms even provide free access to help the Government to suppress this outbreak.

Online Education

With the enactment of the study from home policy, schools and universities are starting to hold online classes to reduce direct interaction between students or students.

Online education platforms have also played a role in the success of this policy. Zenius and Ruangguru can be examples – both provide free access so students can study from home online.

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