4 Benefits of SME Promotion Strategies by Utilizing Exhibition

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4 Benefits of SME Promotion Strategies by Utilizing Exhibition

4 Benefits of SME Promotion Strategies by Utilizing Exhibition

4 Benefits of SME Promotion Strategies by Utilizing Exhibition

Exhibition is familiar to most SME business people. Even in big cities, this activity is regularly held. The UKM exhibition has several types of concepts, some are thematic (specifically for certain types of UKM, for example, textiles, food, handicrafts) and some are mixed (a combination of several types of UKM).

Until now, the exhibition has been considered as a quite effective SME promotion strategy. Is this true? Of course.

Participating in exhibitions has proven to be quite effective in helping the development of SMEs, especially those that are not well known to many people. The following are 4 benefits that you can get:

1. Get New Customers

Visitors who come to the exhibition are people who have had an interest from the start with the exhibition event. This means that they do have the intention to buy or use the products offered there. Most of them will also usually visit the booth at the exhibition one by one, and one of them will probably become your customer.

To make your stand even more crowded, don’t let people just walk by. Get them interested in visiting your stand, for example by giving out brochures or leaflets.

Even though the exhibition is an offline event, you shouldn’t just forget about online marketing. For example, you can ask visitors who come to your stand to share something about your product on their social media in exchange for certain rewards, for example, free products, discounts, vouchers, or others.

2. Market Survey

Market surveys are related to how much chance your product will be accepted by consumers. One indicator is how many people are visiting your booth. Although this method cannot reflect the overall market conditions because it is prone to bias, this method can at least be taken into consideration and evaluation for your SME.

The number of visitors who come to your stand is also influenced by many factors, such as stand decoration, employee attitudes and appearance, product design, or other factors. So, make sure you pay attention to these factors so that the data you get is more accurate.

3. Business Cooperation Opportunities

Visitors to the exhibition were not the only ones who wanted to look around and buy something. Those who come can be investors, suppliers, resellers, distributors, even government people. They came to look for new business opportunities, namely by working with SME owners who participated in the exhibition.

So don’t come to the exhibition empty-handed. You also need to think about what if there are people who are interested in becoming your reseller, investing in your SME, ordering your products in large quantities, or similar things.

4. Listening Enter Directly

Exhibition can be your place to validate your business idea or product. Invite visitors to try your free product, and ask their opinion about your product.

Ask questions such as “What are the advantages and disadvantages of this product? Are they willing to buy the product after trying it? Compare with competitors’ products, and ask what they think. There are tons of questions that you can answer after speaking directly to the visitor.

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