4 Advantages of Using Facebook Shop in Online Business

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4 Advantages of Using Facebook Shop in Online Business

4 Advantages of Using Facebook Shop in Online Business

4 Advantages of Using Facebook Shop in Online Business

Since Facebook arrived in 2004, this application has been able to connect people all over the world. As of today, the number of Facebook users reaches 2.5 billion. Quite a large number compared to similar applications. Therefore, Facebook can become a business field. Moreover, currently there is a new feature called Facebook Shop.

What is Facebook Shop?

The Facebook Shop is a place where sellers and buyers meet online. Facebook Shop can fulfill the wishes of users who initially only exchanged news to become a place to buy and sell services or products. In this feature, users can create an online store, help customers find the product they want, and serve purchases in just one click.

Besides, so that users are interested in buying, you can add a call to action. A summary sentence that invites the buyer to turn interest into a decision. If you are familiar with Whatsapp or Instagram, you don’t need to bother learning them. Because this method can be applied to the Facebook Shop.

Interestingly, Facebook Shop is integrated with Facebook Messenger. Thus, interactions between buyers and sellers are helped by Facebook Messenger. Because, from there you will see the delivery status, support system, and so on.

Facebook Shop users can also customize pages in the online shop with custom fonts and colors. When you finish selecting, Facebook will notify you that your profile is ready to use. The most interesting thing is that all of these policies are free of charge or free!

Advantages of Using Facebook Shop

Since the pandemic came, many people who did not think about doing business have started doing business. The most possible way is an online business. The business does not need to be face to face and can be done at any time.

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Some of the leading survey agencies state that online business is possible because many people choose to work from home. Therefore, both small and medium businesses choose the marketplace. Because the marketplace is considered the best place to increase sales.

This is where the Facebook Shop comes in. Besides being able to connect sellers and buyers, it also provides features that users can maximize.

Product catalog

From the Facebook Shop, you can create a catalog. In it, you can fill in the name, type of product, size, content, price, and most importantly a photo or image. So that customers are easier to use than similar applications.

Besides, if you advertise on Facebook, things will become easier. You can integrate a catalog so that customers are easy to select and add new customers.

Loyalty segment

What makes customers feel at home shopping in the marketplace? Interesting features and easy-to-make payments. On Facebook Shop, you can attract customers and make them loyal. How? Loyalty segment.

You can develop this segment by presenting the latest information or giving free products every time a customer purchases a product with a multiple of a certain price. This segment is considered useful for building customer loyalty.

Live broadcast

As has been done on Instagram, Facebook Shop can present live features. Engagement to reach customers is much greater. You can unbox up to review the product.

Interestingly, you can include a call to action during a live broadcast. A symbol for shopping can be presented. So, while you are doing a live broadcast, you can also transact. One paddle, two to three islands are surpassed.

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Everything will be easier if both business people and customers read the word free. This is indeed a fact. Because, in its making, Facebook Shop does not charge or is free.

However, if there is a charge, it is only a percentage of the total sales. Of course, the fees that apply vary depending on the product price and location.

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