4 Advantages of Online Marketing Than Offline Marketing

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4 Advantages of Online Marketing Than Offline Marketing

4 Advantages of Online Marketing Than Offline Marketing

In the small business world, the goal is clear, which is to generate as much income as possible and grow the business to become a leader in the niche market you are targeting. The problem is, there are still many small business owners who rely on traditional marketing approaches.

They think that traditional marketing is the most rational approach to increasing brand awareness, offering their product or service. They have either ignored or forgotten that the world we live in today is digital, and to market to the digital world requires an online marketing strategy.

With its many digital types and channels, online marketing may seem difficult for small businesses to do. Even though this is not the case, online marketing is an effective and profitable way to grow a business.

Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing: Pros and Cons

1. Measurable

Online marketing tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords make data collection and analysis processes easy and fast. This tool can show you the indirect and direct impact an online marketing strategy has on your ad visibility, clicks, and conversions.

When it comes to offline marketing, there isn’t any effective way to measure the conversion, visibility, or overall effectiveness of an ad being run. There is no way you can measure the success rate of an advertisement displayed by print media, radio, or TV commercials.

2. Long-term exposure

Online marketing especially SEO, is an ongoing process that can provide long-term exposure to the target audience if implemented properly.

While offline marketing strategies, on average, only run for a certain period. The longer your ad is running, the more money you need.

3. Audience Targeting

Online marketing allows you to reach an audience that meets your criteria. Sites such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram can target ads directly to selected audiences, and can even show how many people saw the ad. Ads can be targeted to a very specific or very broad audience. You can even set your ads to run only for a certain period and in certain geographic areas.

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Traditional marketing strategies offer only a limited ability to target specific audiences. For example, by displaying advertisements for household appliances in magazines or commercial breaks for home TV programs. Its purpose is to reach a target audience that is deemed more likely to read home improvement magazines or watch home-related TV shows.

4. Real-Time Results

Online marketing excels in terms of ad placement speed, customization, targeting, and data retrieval. Online marketing can be a lengthy process, but you can see and measure the results much faster.

Meanwhile, traditional marketing such as TV, radio, and print media can only be measured after the advertising provider takes some data and hands it to you. In other words, you need to wait sometime before you can finally make a measurement or analysis. So, you won’t be able to tell whether the ads that are displayed are performing well or vice versa. This condition is detrimental to you.

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