3 Website Optimization Tips to Increase Online Store Sales Conversions

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3 Website Optimization Tips to Increase Online Store Sales Conversions

3 Website Optimization Tips to Increase Online Store Sales Conversions

Many online store websites have great content, great product photos, and all the necessary user experience (UX) elements, but they are still not enough to get high conversion rates.

The website design you choose has a direct impact on how successful your business will be. With so many design options, redesigning and optimizing your website design will be a very grueling job. The goal is one, namely to find the design that your customers like the most. Have you found it?

Don’t worry, some of the following designs from eCommerce might inspire you.

1. Apply Whitespace in the Product Gallery

Whitespace can make your website look simpler and cleaner. Whitespace is a negative space or space around the gallery of products displayed on your online shop. Does this mean you are wasting free space? Certainly not. Whitespace is the foundation of your website, and it will make your content easier to read.

High-end eyewear brand, Oliver Peoples, makes great use of whitespace. Whitespace can attract a visitor’s attention to something important: the product you are selling. Your website visitors tend to get to the checkout page more easily when they are not blocked by an overly “busy” homepage.

The beauty brand, Glossier, uses whitespace to create a clean and beautiful look. They also use GIFs for some products as if they are going to be used. This combination has succeeded in making the products there stand out and attract attention.

2. Harness the Power of Video

According to Ecommerce Nation, product pages with video content contributed to a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. Product videos also increase the likelihood of a purchase by up to 85%.

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The online shoe shop, Zappos, adds video content on some of its product pages. The video shows a Zappos consultant wearing shoes and tells how they feel when wearing the shoes. This method can create a feeling as if the consumer is holding or trying the product directly.

3. Personalization: The Power of “Me”

Personalization is an effective way to increase conversions. However, with the issue of personal data security heating up, you may need to think outside the box when it comes to personalization.

One way of personalization that is “safe” from the issue of personal data security is by using quizzes. In online retail, quizzes are usually concerned with answering questions about a person’s personal style and lifestyle. Then, a sophisticated algorithm will tell consumers which products they might like according to the answers they provide. Here are some techniques you can apply:

A. Foot In The Door (FITD)

The FITD technique is asking consumers to do something small or trivial first before asking for something bigger. For example, when consumers are willing to answer a simple quiz, they are more likely to be more willing to follow your next lead. In this case, it is making a purchase.

The eyewear brand, Warby Parker, has a quiz on their main page. This quiz will help you find the right glasses for your style, face, and some other personal aspects. After you answer 9 questions there, the site will provide personalized recommendation products.

B. Size Guide

The main reason why many people don’t make purchases on an eCommerce is because they are not sure what to buy, especially for fashion products.

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Have you ever wanted to buy something, say a jacket, but canceled because you were unsure whether the size would fit? This is a common problem that many fashion companies face.

The online fashion retailer, The Iconic, solves this problem well. They use a tool called Fit Finder. When you are unsure of the size for a particular product, They will ask you to answer several questions regarding your height, weight, and body type. They also ask how you like your clothes: do you prefer clothes that are a little tight or a little loose?

After they used the tool, they succeeded in increasing their sales turnover by 5.9%, and lowering the product return rate due to the wrong size.

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