3 Ways to Market Effectively for Different Target Markets

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3 Ways to Market Effectively for Different Target Markets

3 Ways to Market Effectively for Different Target Markets

It’s no secret that different target markets (eg different generations) will think differently. It makes sense, then, that you need a different marketing strategy for each of these generations.

However, that was still not enough. You also need to create a marketing strategy that can reach a general audience or at least reach more market segments. This means you have to use language, style, and values ​​that can be accepted by many people.

Here are 3 ways to market effectively for different target markets according to Peter Daisyme, Co-Founder of Hostt.

1. Vary Your Marketing

Consumers want to see themselves reflected in your marketing efforts. You can see this in the marketing that Toyota did when promoting the Camry in 2018 which featured people of various races and from various lifestyles from different parts of the world.

CoverGirl, an American cosmetics brand, is doing the same. They used 69-year-old Maye Musk as one of their brand ambassadors – making him one of the oldest models to star in cosmetic commercials.

In this way, both brands have succeeded in bringing value that many people can attract and accept.

2. Don’t Just Focus on One Social Media

Millennials’ behavior is greatly influenced by what they see on Instagram and Facebook. This is why most marketers focus their marketing efforts on attracting millennials there.

Unfortunately, many have done this at the expense of other generations. However, every generation has been shopping online and using social media these days.

Baby Boomers, for example, are a generation known to be slow to adapt to technology. However, according to Paw Research, 69% of adults aged 50-64 use at least one social media platform. Meanwhile, according to the Fractl survey, they are up to 19% more likely to share content on Facebook compared to other generations.

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So don’t assume that you’ll only get results if you target ads on social media to Millennials, and ads in print to Baby Boomers. It’s best to do compelling marketing for each generation across all platforms used by your team.

3. Marketing is polite, and don’t generalize

According to Geoff Gross, Founder and CEO of Medical Guardian, “Don’t portray seniors as helpless. Instead, show how a product can help them to remain independent and improve their well-being. “

You may often hear that Millennials are selfish, or Generation Z who can only interact with businesses digitally. As a business owner, you shouldn’t fall into this stereotype.

Millennials are not selfish, they only think that differences are not a problem and are a personal responsibility. What about Generation Z? In fact, they shop at retail stores more often than they do online. So don’t let those stereotypes influence your marketing plan.

When you want to reach all of them, never assume that one generation is more important than another.

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