3 Ways to Increase Sales on Your Online Store Page

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3 Ways to Increase Sales on Your Online Store Page

3 Ways to Increase Sales on Your Online Store Page 1

It is undeniable that the product pages on your online store greatly affect the customer’s decision to buy your product. What happens if due to certain factors, your prospective customer actually discourages buying from your online store? Very detrimental right?

This product page should be present to give prospective customers a reason that your product fits the needs of the customers. Show that your product has more value that cannot be found in competing products.

Maybe you currently rely on product descriptions and photos only. Indeed, both are very important for introducing your product. But unfortunately, that alone is not strong enough to make prospective customers decide to make a purchase at your online store.

Then what do you really need? Here are some other things that should be available on the product page of your online store.

1. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Have you ever imagined that an audience coming to your online store page is carrying a variety of questions and need answers? And what happens if the questions they have in mind don’t get satisfying answers?

You need to know that the average prospective customer has a list of questions that require the same answer. With the FAQ, customers will find it easier to find the answers they need, and you don’t need to answer individual questions from prospective customers. That way, in addition to eliminating their doubts when buying a product, your online store will also run more effectively.

If you have more than one product in your online store, try to create a FAQ for each product, or if you have too many products, you might consider making a FAQ based on the most popular, best-selling, or most frequent products. asked.

2. Live Chat

Live chat has almost the same function as the FAQ, which is to answer questions from customers. The difference is that live chat is more interactive because of the process of interaction between the customer and the operator.

One of the advantages of this live chat feature is that it can foster customer confidence in your online store website. With live chat, your customers will feel they have a guarantee or a place to look for help when something goes wrong with your product.

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This feature can also help you to increase sales, because, with the right communication process, you are more likely to convince potential customers to make a purchase.

3. Product Video

It is undeniable that video content is more likely to increase engagement. In fact, according to StacksAndStacks, 144% of their customers are more likely to add products to the shopping basket after watching the video.

You need to know that the biggest weakness in the online transaction process is that the customer cannot touch, feel, and physically inspect the item directly. So, with the video content of these products, more or less can help provide a complete picture to the customer before making a purchase.

To be more interesting, you can also show how to use and what benefits can be obtained from your product.

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