3 Tips to Avoid Email Marketing that You Send Not in the Spam Folder

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3 Tips to Avoid Email Marketing that You Send Not in the Spam Folder

3 Tips to Avoid Email Marketing that You Send Not in the Spam Folder

3 Tips to Avoid Email Marketing that You Send Not in the Spam Folder

Over the years the internet has played a major role in simplifying the communication process easier and faster. Currently, many platforms make it easier for brands to reach people, for example, email marketing platforms. The problem is, not everyone is willing to accept a message from a brand.

Email service providers such as Google Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc. constantly trying to improve the user experience to make it better by filtering these messages. These are messages that the recipient of the message likely didn’t want or expect.

Spam folder is like a filter tool for every incoming email. Without this folder, your inbox will be full of messages you didn’t expect.

However, no system is perfect. Some errors may occur. For example, you will be considered a “bad guy”, and messages from you will be put in the spam folder. When this happens, you have to do something.

What to do? Here are some reasons why your message went into the spam folder and how to fix it.

1. You Don’t Have Permission to Email Audiences

There is nothing wrong if you want to have a large email list. However, according to the GetResponse study, brands that have large email lists have low email open rates on average. So you need to take this into account.

Before you send out any marketing emails, you should always ensure that you have permission to do this.

If you ignore it, not only will your email be considered spam, but you will also be penalized.

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This can happen if:

  • You fill out an email list that you get from Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, or any other medium where you interact with people.
  • You run eCommerce and add checkers to your email list.
  • Buy or download email lists from “trusted websites”.
  • Other ways that you get unnatural email lists.

If you are not sure whether you have permission to contact the email address on your list, consider reconfirming it. You can send an email asking your audience to, for example, click “continue” if they are still interested in your brand’s offer or message.

2. It is not clear what your customer is registering their email for

Transparency is key, especially when you’re building an email list. When filling out your form, the audience should be fully aware of what types of communication they will receive in the future.

For example, suppose you require an email address when your audience wants to download your e-book. Then you use that person’s email for marketing communications without prior notice. This means that you have deviated from the original agreement (as a condition for downloading the e-book).

So, be clear about what you will talk about in your email, and keep the promise. When you do this you will see the unsubscribe number and the complaint rate will decrease.

3. Audience Difficult to Unsubscribe

This is one of the main reasons why email recipients report your email as spam.

If someone wants to stop receiving email from a particular brand, what they’re going to do is find a way to unsubscribe. When they have trouble finding how to unsubscribe, they will report messages from the brand as spam, and the messages will be moved to the spam folder.

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So, make sure you display the unsubscribe link in an easy to find place, so that when your audience is no longer in the mood to receive emails from you, they can do it easily.

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