3 Tips for Maximizing Marketing Strategies Through Hashtags

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3 Tips for Maximizing Marketing Strategies Through Hashtags

3 Tips for Maximizing Marketing Strategies Through Hashtags 1

Marketing strategy through hashtag is one thing that must be done, especially in social media marketing. The hashtag was first introduced by Twitter on June 1, 2009, which was then followed by Instagram in January 2011, Google+ in September 2012, and Facebook in June 2013.

Hashtags function like hyperlinks that can group themes or topics that are more specific in social media, so that it can make it easier for someone to find the topic you want or are related to. In digital marketing, hashtags function to group a certain product theme or information so that potential customers can find information related to the product more easily.

Even though it looks trivial, hashtags can help increase engagement on your posts. This is in accordance with a study conducted by Simply Measured that posts that have a hashtag included in their caption even if only one, can increase engagement 12.6% higher than posts that have no hashtag at all.

There are around 95 million photos that are uploaded to Instagram every day. With that much amount, it will be very difficult for someone to find posts that match what they want, and this is where the hashtag has a role to make it easier.

However, in reality there are still many people who use hashtags carelessly, so the results obtained are also less than optimal. Here are some tips that can be applied to maximize marketing strategies through hashtags.

Use Specific Hashtags

Based on the previous explanation, hashtags can be an effective way to increase engagement or brand awareness. However, that does not mean you can use hashtags carelessly without filters first.

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The first thing to note is to choose a more specific hashtag. hashtags that are more general in nature are more popular, but when viewed in demographic reach it will be too broad.

For example, there are more than 73 million posts that use the hashtag #cats. If what you’re really looking for is a cat with a Persian race, using the hashtag #cats will certainly be very time-consuming, because all types of posts about cats can use the hashtag.

Try using a more specific hashtag, for example #persiancat (2.8 million posts), #persiancats (438 thousand posts), or #kucingpersia (337 thousand posts). In this way, you will find it easier to find the content that you are really looking for.

The same thing happens if your product uses hashtags that are too general, engagement will indeed increase, it’s just that the demographic range is too broad, so it won’t have a significant impact.

Note the Number of Hashtags

Basically, you won’t know how many hashtags you can use before you test it yourself. Based on studies conducted by Simply Measured, as many as 91% of well-known brands use approximately seven hashtags in each of their posts. But again, this is not an exact number. HubSpot for example, claims to be more successful after using around 20 hashtags.

Therefore, try to experiment from about seven hashtags up to the twenty hashtags. Make a note of each hashtag addition, note how it has progressed, so that later you will have the right data to determine the number of hashtags to use.

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Monitor Your Own Hashtag

For this strategy to run more optimally, you need to monitor the hashtag you are using. Thus, you can get the latest information about the hashtag or other things that are being talked about a lot.

For example, if you sell shoe products under the brand name Sicle, you can monitor the hashtag #sepatusicle. That way, you can find out how much of your product is being talked about on social media, who are the people who are talking about it, and so on. The data you can later use to support the business as a whole.

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