3 Supporting Creativity to Increase the Number of Followers

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3 Supporting Creativity to Increase the Number of Followers

3 Supporting Creativity to Increase the Number of Followers

3 Supporting Creativity to Increase the Number of Followers

Research shows that creative brands can get better results. According to McKinsey’s Award Creativity Score, the company that scored the highest at the Cannes Lion Awards had higher organic revenue growth, better returns for investors, and increased net worth.

Nielsen, in analyzing hundreds of marketing models of consumer goods, found that the power of creativity can more than double sales, as well as reach, targeting, and branding. This means you will easily increase the number of followers on social media.

Birds Eye, for example, started to reinvest in creativity after four years of declining growth. To assess the creativity level of a marketing model idea, they measured consumers’ emotional responses from a neuroscience perspective.

Their new marketing model – which features an element of creativity and is adapted to a neuroscience perspective – can generate a 24% higher ROI on average and return the company to a period of growth.

For your creativity to reach greater heights than before, you need to put new “energy” or “life” into your marketing strategy. This is necessary so that you can break out of old habits and achieve your company goals. How to?

1. Find New Ways to Tell Your Story

Sometimes, all it takes to make a marketing campaign relevant to your audience is to rearrange the narrative. The pharmaceutical industry, for example, to fight consumers who are skeptical and worried about rising prices, pharmaceutical companies have found innovative ways to illustrate how their investment in research and development can be translated into efforts to save and improve public health.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, for example, recently worked with creative consultant Brandpie to develop a brand repositioning campaign. Instead of focusing inward and highlighting sophisticated laboratory work, they are emerging, with a focus on the human implications.

They used emotional videos of human depictions (bare feet walking on sand, hands clasping each other, and an old woman undergoing treatment) with laboratory images that highlight the link between science and humanity.

2. Ask Your Audience

Research can indeed be a source of insight into new, innovative approaches to connecting you with your audience. However, in some cases, it is best to combine the research data with the creative ideas of your audience.

The Bombay Sapphire #FindYourCanvas campaign, designed by BBDO New York, started after a study showed that 90% of people want to spend more time on creative and artistic pursuits.

Combining those findings with a desire to reach millennials who are resistant to conventional advertising – Bombay is putting up a blank canvas in an open-air mall in Los Angeles. The canvas is painted by a robotic arm that can be controlled by people via the website. This campaign earned Bombay the Adweek Experiential Award.

3. Master the Art of Empathy

To break out of the monotonous marketing habits and come up with “bold” new ideas, seek inspiration from the time you are still in the design process – some of which rely heavily on empathy to better understand consumers and their needs.

Marketers at LEGO do this by putting themselves in the shoes of children and doing ethnographic studies to learn how they play. The result? You can see for yourself until now.

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