3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2020 you ought to Avoid

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3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2020 you ought to Avoid

Social media marketing is a strategy used by many companies. However, many of them complain that they are not very successful on social media. The problem is that a particular social media marketing strategy error or changing trends can cause your brand to fail on social media.

In 2020, for example, there are still many brands that make fundamental mistakes in their social media marketing. What are the mistakes?

Below are some of the issues and mistakes that can interfere with your social media endeavors.

Posting Without a Clear Strategy

Many businesses find it difficult to focus when they are just starting with social media marketing. Two problems will arise without a clear strategy. First, the results you get are a reflection of the content you publish on social media.

Publishing non-compliant content to pursue a quantity target will only yield unsatisfactory results. Try to ask yourself the following questions before posting any content on social media:

• Is this post appealing to your target audience?

• Was this post useful or valuable to the audience?

• Why should the target audience care about this post?

Second, most people can detect lies. So make sure you don’t load lies when posting any content. Keep what you promise. Lies will only destroy the trustworthiness of your business reputation.

Act like a robot

Many businesses follow their social media calendars very strictly. However, social media marketing is not something rigid. There must be room for creativity and inspiration. For example, you don’t have to post about a certain topic every Wednesday just because the calendar notes it. On the other hand, your staff should have the flexibility to post something else if it makes more sense (for example, adjusting to current trends).

Social media calendars should act as controllers to keep you moving forward, consistent, and on the right track. Calendar helps you when there is neither creativity nor inspiration.

Your social media calendar should always be adjusted based on the results you get. Following a strict calendar even when it doesn’t work will only waste your resources.

Make adjustments based on the feedback you get, such as engagement rates, views, likes, comments, etc. The point is, don’t act like a robot.


Every brand must be consistent with its brand presence on social media. This means that you must keep your brand assets in line with your brand style guidelines and never break promises. For example, keep your promise to publish new articles on the website every day.

The style here includes using colors to match your brand, tone of voice, choice of fonts, frequency of posts, and so on. The bottom line is that you have to maintain consistency in all things related to your brand. This way, your brand will stand out more and be easier for the audience to remember.

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