3 Remarketing Strategies Proven To Increase Conversions

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3 Remarketing Strategies Proven To Increase Conversions

3 Remarketing Strategies Proven To Increase Conversions

3 Remarketing Strategies Proven To Increase Conversions

Are you familiar with the term “remarketing”? Remarketing is a feature of an advertising platform (eg Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Adroll, etc.) that allows you to serve ads to people who have previously visited your website or used your mobile app.

Furthermore, dynamic remarketing is now also known, which is a feature that allows you to display advertisements containing products or services that your website visitors or application users have previously seen. In other words, dynamic remarketing has a more personalized message, making it relevant to your audience.

This method can help you generate leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to your website or app to finish what they started.

Then what is the remarketing strategy that has been proven to increase conversions? Here are some strategies you can do:

1. Use Bid Strategies That Can Optimize For Conversions

A. Smart Bidding Strategy

Here are some automated bid strategies that can help you increase conversions:

  • Enhanced Cost-per-Click (ECPC): This strategy will automatically adjust your manual bids for a click that has the potential to result in a sale or conversion on your website. This method can help you generate more conversions than manual bidding. This option is recommended if you have low conversion rates.
  • Cost-per-Action (CPA) Bidding: This strategy can help you maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) according to the CPA target you set. With CPA bidding, you don’t have to set your bids manually to reach your conversion target.
  • Return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) bidding: This strategy can help you convert your customers by setting your maximum CPC while trying to achieve the same ROAS as your target.

B. Manual Bidding Strategy

Here are some manual bidding strategies that can also help improve your remarketing performance:

  • If you are satisfied with your current remarketing performance, you should consider increasing your bids to reach more customers and increase your ROI. Increasing your bids can help you improve your ad’s position in search results, and also increase your chances of appearing consistently on websites visited by people on your remarketing target list.
  • If you create a remarketing target list based on different time durations, for example, a list of people who visited your website in the last 30 days and the last 7 days. Then you have to create two separate lists and bid aggressively for a list of more potential customers.

2. Invite Customers to Return to View the Shopping Cart that they left behind

Sometimes someone places items in the online shopping cart without completing their purchase. Customers like this usually have almost made a purchase decision, but were canceled due to several reasons.

This is your opportunity to reach out to them, and invite them to complete their purchase. Focus your remarketing to target “visitors of a page who did not visit another page”, namely people who visit your website without opening another website. Then specify your shopping cart page URL and order confirmation page.

3. Target Audiences who are More Likely to Convert

A higher bid increases your ability to reach more people on your remarketing target list. In other words, you will maximize your reach to your potential audience. When you have several types of audiences, choose the ones that value the most.

For example, suppose you sell electronic products. Since TV is more profitable than cameras, you would naturally prefer to target the list that will buy TVs over cameras. Apart from that, you also need two specific combinations to target two types of consumers who:

  • Those who have visited your website but have not made a purchase.
  • Those who have started the transaction process but left the shopping cart without making a purchase.

People who have added products to their shopping carts are more likely to complete a purchase. That’s why they are a highly rated audience. So you need to invest more money to reach this type of audience.

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