3 of the Best PPC Ad Sites with Satisfactory Pay

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3 of the Best PPC Ad Sites with Satisfactory Pay

3 of the Best PPC Ad Sites with Satisfactory Pay

PPC or Pay per Click is a system in the world of advertising where an advertiser (Advertiser) will pay to the publisher for every one ad unit that is clicked by a visitor.

The payment value received by the publisher from the PPC ad varies greatly. The payment value obtained by the publisher from a valid click that the visitor clicks is determined by the country of origin of the visitor who clicked on the ad, and the rest is the policy of the advertiser itself.

This type of PPC ad is widely used by publishers, especially bloggers to get additional income from the site. The payment received was quite large if compared to other advertisements such as shortlinks and the like.

Do you understand about PPC Ads up to this point? If you want to know more about PPC advertising, please search directly on Google, because here I do not explain it in detail.

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Well here I recommend 3 sites of the best PPC ad providers with a satisfactory payment that is proven to pay.

1. Google AdSense

Who does not know AdSense, Google’s advertising network has become excellent and the main goal of every publisher to monetize their websites. Google AdSense provides a high cost of ad clicks, for one click valid ads can be valued around $ 0.3 to $ 1. This is not an exact value, because prices can change depending on the country of origin of visitors, the number of traffic and discussion topics from a blog or website.

The AdSense ad system will only display ads that are relevant and relevant to the content of your blog or website. But sometimes Google also displays ads based on user search history. For example, if you have visited the Online Store site, the ads that appear on the blog are usually Online Shop ads.

Google AdSense provides various types of responsive ad formats such as image ads, text, links or links, feed ads, in article ads, and automatic ads (page ads level).

For minimum withdrawals of $ 100 or Rp 1,658,000 (Exchange rate of $ 1 = Rp 16,580 when this post was made). Payments are sent via Bank transfer, Western Union, Wire transfer and EFT.

But unfortunately not all websites or blogs can be accepted easily. Some even tried to register it many times but it still refused. Are you one of them?

2. Bidvertiser

Does your website become one that is hard to accept AdSense? Be calm and don’t worry guys. Bidvertiser can be the solution. This site provides the second best PPC ad replacement for AdSense that you can try to monetize your website.

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Bidvertiser provides Baner, Pop under, Slider, Smartlink and Programatic ad types. This type of advertising is designed to help publishers earn more revenue from similar advertising services. To be an ad publisher on Bidvertiser the requirements are quite easy.

Minimum withdrawal of $ 10 or around Rp 165,800 (Exchange rate of $ 1 = Rp. 16,580 since this post was made). Funds withdrawal can be through Paypal, bitcon, Payza and Wire transfers.

3. Medianet

Media.net is a joint advertising company founded by Yahoo and Bing. Media.net provides unique contextual advertising, where ads will be displayed to resemble blog content. In my opinion, the appearance of ads on Media.net is similar to AdSense ads.

This contextual ad will provide more revenue for its publishers, because the display of dynamic and unique ads makes more visitors interested to click on these ads. For a minimum withdrawal of funds from Media.net of $ 250, withdrawals can be via Paypal, Wire Transfer and bank account transfers.