3 Marketing Strategies following Millennial Characteristics

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3 Marketing Strategies following Millennial Characteristics

3 Marketing Strategies following Millennial Characteristics 1

According to the Indonesian Polmark Institute, the number of millennials (aged 19-35 years) in Indonesia reaches 82 million people or around 31.28% of the total population of Indonesia (262 million). Isn’t this a good reason to start marketing for millennials? Unfortunately, you are not alone. Lots of businesses targeting these millennials. So you have to stand out among competitors.

To stand out and get millennial consumers, your ad must have characteristics like millennial, and be able to meet their specific needs. The following are 3 millennial characteristics and marketing strategies that are suitable for reaching them.

1. Millennial is more careful when shopping

Although millennial purchasing power is high, their income is 20% lower than their parents of the same age. Besides making less money, millennials also have less property than their parents. This condition is the reason why millennials are more careful when spending their money.

The thing in millennial minds when shopping is that they want to get quality goods at low prices, or at least make sense. Therefore, the ads that you display must be able to convince them that your product is value for money, starting from the quality of the product itself, the warranty, customer support, and so on.

2. Millennial Read the Blog Before Buying

With the availability of unlimited access to information, now someone can do research and educate themselves about the products they will buy. 23% of millennials say they will research before buying anything.

One reason they spend time on research is because of the amount of time they spend just online. Nearly 80% of millennials use their smartphones to research prices, while 68.9% read reviews.

The most important thing from this point is, 33% of millennials read more blogs before they buy something, while less than 3% of millennials prefer traditional advertisements such as on TV and magazines.

The best way to hook these millennials is to make your landing page as attractive as possible. Landing pages that produce high conversions usually have lots of images, are informative, and are interesting. Blog posts are also a potential landing page as long as the information presented is relevant to your ad.

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3. Millennial often asks for recommendations

About 91% of millennials buy a product based on a recommendation from a friend. You need to know, when someone is scrolling on their social media timeline, they are bombarded with advertisements or other promotional content, so that many of them simply ignore the ad, don’t even read it.

The thing that can make millennials stop scrolling is when they see interesting content that comes from friends or family. For example, when a friend buys a new gadget or tries a new restaurant.

Referral marketing is effective enough to make them stop scrolling and reading your content. Millennials are more likely to accept this than advertising with a standard model. You can also work with relevant and popular influencers among millennials to produce higher conversions. As we know, the opinion of an influencer tends to be easily accepted by his followers.

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