3 Main Focuses on Digital Marketing that You Must Understand

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3 Main Focuses on Digital Marketing that You Must Understand

3 Main Focuses on Digital Marketing that You Must Understand 1

Digital marketing is an effort to market a product by relying on internet media that can reach potential consumers at the right time and time. There are many techniques available in this digital marketing category. However, there are at least 3 main things that should concern you regardless of whatever marketing techniques you use. Here are the things you need to pay attention to.

1. Maintaining Quality Content

It can be said that content is the core of a digital marketing process. A content with the right format, quality, and published at the right time, has the potential to be shared by your audience on his social media. This way, you can reach more consumers without the need to pay extra for advertising.

In digital marketing, content in the form of articles is the most common. This is because the article can provide a detailed explanation of the product or service that you offer. Articles that contain visual content such as images, gifs, and videos are also more interesting. Apart from the aesthetic point of view, the addition of visual content will also reduce boredom when the audience reads the writing.

2. Use Programmatic Native Ads

Programmatic native ads are a combination of two advertising methods namely programmatic ads (PA) and native ads (NA). PA is the purchase of advertising space automatically using artificial intelligence (AI) based on the characteristics of your target market. In other words, your ad will only be shown to website visitors who meet the criteria that you have specified previously.

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Meanwhile, NA allows you to display advertisements with the same form, impression, and function as the content on the media in which they are displayed. In other words, your ad will resemble general content. This will make your ad look more integrated and natural so that it does not interfere with the convenience of visitors to the website.

The combination of PA and NA is what ultimately makes your ad more powerful because of its shape that can adjust its media, and is only shown to those who meet the criteria. As a result, you will publish ads that are relevant and do not interfere with the comfort of the audience. Thus, you can produce a higher conversion rate.

3. Optimizing Mobile Display

It is undeniable that currently, most people access the internet through mobile devices, especially smartphones. This is the reason why you need to have a smartphone-friendly website appearance so that visitors still feel comfortable and at ease for your website.

Things to note for your website to be mobile-friendly are:

  • Customize websites with smaller screen sizes
  • Larger text and easy to read
  • Easy navigation
  • Page elements and buttons that are easy to use
  • Faster loading process

When designing websites for use on smaller screens, you need to recognize the following differences:

  • Limited space
  • Attention or focus of users when opening the website
  • Smartphone users usually have a clear goal when opening a website, they tend to immediately search for the keywords and information they need.

Why is this important? If your website is difficult to access via a mobile device and takes a long time to open, it’s not impossible for your visitors will switch to your competitor’s website.

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Having a mobile-friendly website can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Increase search visibility
  • Improve user experience
  • Add more ad prospect lists
  • Increase trust in your brand

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