3 Kinds of Content Marketing Strategies for Businesses You Can Try

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3 Kinds of Content Marketing Strategies for Businesses You Can Try

3 Kinds of Content Marketing Strategies for Businesses You Can Try

Content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is a digital marketing strategy that is more focused on creating and distributing quality, relevant, and consistent content to attract an audience so that it can ultimately provide benefits for a business.

According to the Abeerden Group study, the average conversion rate of websites that implement content marketing is 2.5% higher than ordinary websites, which only get an average conversion of 0.5%. Then, how effective is content marketing? According to the Demand Metric study, content strategies are very effective for businesses, while the details are as follows:

  • Can generate leads 3x more than traditional marketing strategies
  • The cost required is 62% lower when compared to traditional marketing
  • 70% of respondents prefer getting to know a brand through content rather than advertising
  • 82% of respondents feel they have positive impressions and opinions through the content
  • 72% of respondents feel they have an attachment to a brand because of the content created by that brand.

Therefore, if you do not currently implement a content marketing strategy, get started right away. Here are some strategies that you can apply in carrying out content marketing strategies.

Determine Your Marketing Goals

Do not start anything without a goal first, including in running content marketing. Without goals, you do not have something you want to achieve. Like traveling but do not know where to go.

Determining the purpose of content marketing must also be gradual, for example starting with increasing brand awareness, turning the audience into consumers, maintaining customer loyalty, and so on.

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In setting goals, you also must not forget one other important element, namely numbers. Numbers can be your yardstick in measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing. Remember that numbers are data – which you will need in evaluating business development.

Define Persona Buyer

Persona buyer is someone who intentionally made with certain characteristics as a description of the real target market. These identities represent your most potential target customers.

Persona buyers must have classification as complete as possible, from gender, age, education, occupation, income, and so on. That way, the content that you will create later can be following what your target market wants, so that it will be easier to get conversions later.

Determine the Type of Content

The type of content must be tailored to your target market, different target markets may require different types of content. If you are just starting this strategy, then try to make all kinds of content that you can create. Here are some pretty popular content:

1. Articles

 As the most used type of content, articles are usually published through your business blog or website. In content marketing, articles must be created based on the needs of the audience and must be published regularly to retain consumers and of course, the article content has more potential to attract new audiences to your website.

2. Infographics

Infographics are very effective in conveying a lot of information in visual form. The information in question is usually a summary of data that has a relationship with your product so that it can indirectly convince the audience to choose your product.

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3. Video

Video is content that can easily be spread across social media platforms and even voluntarily. In fact, according to HubSpot, video content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media when compared to other types of content.

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