3 Important Things to Do in Branding SMEs

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3 Important Things to Do in Branding SMEs

Why are SME products unable to compete with company products? Even though the quality and taste are the same, even some SMEs have better quality products. One of the problems is regarding the branding of SME products. Until now, there are still many UKM players who ignore and override branding. Just try it now to the shop, shop, or market next to your house. Most of the SME products in circulation still do not have a brand identity such as plain and unattractive packaging, no business cards, brochures, catalogs, and many other shortcomings. Though branding has a role in the success of a business. Therefore, SMEs are required to have a brand so that they can do branding.

So that in the future you are not wrong in determining the branding of your product. The following is how to do branding for SMEs that must be understood. For your information, branding is done from before your product is launched to the market.

Create a Unique Identity

The principle of branding is to make our products different from competitors. To create a unique identity for your business or product. Where this identity can differentiate you from competitors. Besides, you also need to make consumers feel comfortable with your business and products when they need them. For example, do you know the Super Sambal food stall or what is known as “SS”? SS is an example of a food stall that has successfully built a brand as a food stall with dozens of chili sauce. The branding done by SS made this food stall famous and advanced as it is today. Starting from a sidewalk tent on the street, he now has branches anywhere and all his stalls everywhere are always crowded, even many visitors are willing to queue to enjoy it.

Such is what is meant by brand building. When other food stalls provide free chili sauce, SS is different, he sets the price for each hot chili sauce. But what happened? The stall was wanted. This is because SS provides a wide variety of hot chili sauce menus that consumers can choose from. You must also be able to create a unique identity for your SME business. So that later the customers who will be looking for you are not you who are waiting for customers to come.

Pay Attention to Little Things

Before branding, pay attention to the little things that might make something extraordinary for your SME. For example, such as the packaging material to be used or the color of the logo, wall paint, and so on. Even though some people consider it unimportant but small things like that can also help you strengthen your brand. So it’s good, you take into account the pros and cons of the decisions that will be taken.

Just look at KFC, what color is the paint and furniture? Red. Each outlet or branch has a dominant red color starting from the wall paint, their chairs are red. Maybe some people don’t think about the wall paint that will be used even though this is also an important thing. Even though they only heard someone mention the word KFC, some people would have imagined red as their signature atmosphere.

Build a Brand Openly

Building a brand openly is one of the suitable marketing strategies for SME businesses. This method is effective for creating to consumers that their products are produced by themselves. Apart from that, you can also provide a learning platform for consumers who are interested in making your product. An example is a bakpia seller in Yogyakarta or a tofu milk seller in West Java. Some of them have an open kitchen. Where consumers can see the process of making these products.

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