3 Important Things about Advocacy Marketing You Need to Know

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3 Important Things about Advocacy Marketing You Need to Know

3 Important Things about Advocacy Marketing You Need to Know

3 Important Things about Advocacy Marketing You Need to Know

Advocacy marketing is a marketing strategy that emphasizes consumer involvement to provide support for certain products or services. This form of support can take many forms, for example giving positive reviews on social media, recommending the product to the people closest to it, or in various other ways.

More than 80% of people do their research online before making a product purchase. If you have a consumer who is actively providing positive support to your brand, then you are giving 80% of the people what they need – a reputation and positive reviews.

People are more likely to believe what their closest people are saying than advertisements. When someone asks other people how their experience using a product is, the response given by the other person is much more influential than other marketing campaigns.

Advocacy marketing is also one of the cheapest strategies to find new customers. This is because your investment is being used for products and customer service. Customers who are satisfied with your products and user services will talk about your product without being asked – which means you can find new customers without having to pay extra.

For those of you who want to apply this marketing strategy, it’s good to listen to some insights from Cassandra Jowett – a Senior Content Marketing at Influitive:

1. Brand Advocates Do Not Have To Come From Public Figures

Brand advocates don’t have to come from famous people such as public figures or influencers. According to Jowett, to get the best brand advocates, you only need to find consumers who are satisfied with your product and brand.

These consumers are those who have frequently made repeat purchases and have provided positive reviews, both online and offline.

Naturally, people who are satisfied with a product will recommend the product to others. However, not everyone is willing to do this. You may need to run an advocacy marketing campaign to encourage consumers to become brand advocates.

2. Start an Advocacy Marketing Campaign from Something Simple

According to Jowett, you don’t need to make marketing advocacy that is too complicated. Because this can reduce your consumers’ interest in participating. The simplest form of participation that can be done, for example, likes, retweets, comments, and shares on social media. Even though it looks easy and only takes a few seconds, you still have to encourage them to do this.

There are at least 3 things that need to be done, namely giving questions, education, and challenges to consumers.

First, asking questions or asking for opinions will increase consumer engagement with your brand.

Second, provide interesting information about your product regularly to increase consumer loyalty.

Third, create a challenge or contest that provides benefits to consumers, for example by giving discounts or free products to consumers who provide the best comments.

3. Advocacy Marketing Must Provide Two-Way Advantages

You cannot expect the best results from marketing advocacy if you only focus on the benefits of your business. According to Jowett, it would be a big mistake to run marketing advocacy only from a business point of view.

Advocacy marketing that is carried out must also be able to provide benefits from a consumer’s point of view. The easiest way to do this is by giving appreciation or gifts to cooperative consumers.

This form of appreciation can be in the form of simple gifts such as vouchers, discounts, or other gifts as a form of gratitude to consumers.

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