3 Important Aspects in Social Media Marketing

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3 Important Aspects in Social Media Marketing

3 Important Aspects in Social Media Marketing 1

Social media marketing has become a common practice for many brands, both small and international. Not surprisingly, social media marketing is considered very effective for interacting directly with the audience and fostering their loyalty.

For those of you who are just about to start carrying out this strategy, there are 3 important aspects that you should pay attention to, namely:

1. Define a Main Social Media

If you have limited resources, be it time, money, people, or science, you should not use more than one social media for your business. Why? Because this will only make your social media marketing strategy ineffective.

If you can only choose one social media, you might be wondering, “Which social media should I use?”

Here are a few considerations:

  • Size: Social media which has a large number of users, the better.
  • Audience: Social media that is most used by your target audience.
  • Content: Social media can support your content more effectively.

Then which platform is suitable? Based on WeAreSocial and Hootsuite studies, Youtube ranks first as the most active social media platform in Asia which gets 43%, followed by Facebook with 41%, Instagram 38%, Twitter 27%, Google+ 25%, and LinkedIn 16%.

Based on the data above, Youtube does look better, but does it suit your content? Is there you can find many of your target audience? Thus, the three considerations above must complement each other. We not only look at the number of users, but also must consider two other factors.

2. Define the Personality that You Use

If you follow several social media business accounts, you will surely realize that the brand image or personality of the accounts is different. Some are casual, for example, Line and Grab, there are also serious ones.

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To determine your brand image, you need to adjust to what products or services you sell, and who your target audience is. If your product is more dedicated to the millennial generation, then a relaxed, humorous disposition will be better. Conversely, if your target audience is those who are adults, it would be strange if you are too relaxed.

3. Content Strategy

This is one of the most important parts of social media marketing. Without quality and interesting content, everything you do will be useless. The success of the content strategy in social media marketing can be determined from 4 things, namely:

  • Content Types: Each type of content will have different levels of interaction, visual type content will usually have higher interactions.
  • Content Quality: Closely related to the value or value you offer, make sure your content can provide solutions to audience problems.
  • Posting Time Selection: Posting time is very influential on engagement. So even if your content is quality, if posted at the wrong time, the results will be less effective.
  • Post Frequency and Consistency: The frequency and consistency of posting will make your audience think that your business is always active and up to date, which will increase their trust in your business.

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