3 IGTV Optimization Strategies for Your Online Business

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3 IGTV Optimization Strategies for Your Online Business 1

3 IGTV Optimization Strategies for Your Online Business

3 IGTV Optimization Strategies for Your Online Business

In the digital business world, IGTV which is a new feature from Instagram is predicted to become a promotional platform trend. Now, its function is not only to display entertainment, but also to be a business opportunity for its users, one of which is for the benefit of endorsements conducted by telegram.

With these conditions, how can you make your product a top brand through the use of IGTV? Check out the explanation of the strategy of utilizing IGTV for online business.

1. Perform IGTV Optimization

Every social media channel that you use in business, including IGTV, must offer a solution for your audience. Because, if the channel does not provide benefits, then this platform is considered unable to attract the attention of the audience or viewer. Therefore, you can provide entertaining functions to entertain. Because social media users tend to enjoy entertainment that is presented through social media.

Through the videos that you upload on IGTV, you can introduce your product or brand and tell you their background and excellence. This is an effort to offer to increase positive engagement from viewers and followers. In the video that you show, you can insert a CTA (Call to Action) as the final destination to capture potential new customers.

2. Make use of Live Video Chat

The presence of the DM (direct message) feature on Instagram seems to have made it easier for us to interact with other users. So, when you find something that attracts attention, maybe you don’t have to wait long to respond to the content via direct messages. However, this is different from IGTV which has similar but more interesting features.

Through live video chat, you and your audience can not only interact with each other through chat, but also live video calls. Its function is none other than to attract and develop the broadest engagement.

Engagement for Instagram in addition to being able to increase likes, comments, and shares, you can take advantage of live features or video group chat to do various things. Usually the most popular is the use of live features as a coaching system. Like giving an explanation of the products and services you offer and how to use them. Besides, you can also display interviews and talk shows. Thus, the promotion that you do becomes more attractive and looks professional.

3. Add music and stickers

When choosing the content that you want to display, you must determine the business niche or character of your company and brand. So, to strengthen the character you want to display, you need to add music and stickers to the content. For example, if you are promoting a yoga class business, you can insert music related to yoga, and following video content. Likewise with stickers, paste stickers that attract the attention of the audience but still match the content.

Why do these two elements need to be added in the content? In the opinion of marketers, you can get some benefits by using music and stickers. Music helps increase trust in viewers, especially if the product you offer has something to do with music. In addition to increasing trust, the element is to attract new viewers, so engagement is growing. Because, the higher the rating and engagement you get, the better and more trusted your brand is in the eyes of consumers.

After all of the above strategies you have done, do not forget to provide a hashtag like you did when posting content to Instagram feeds. As always, the function of the hashtag is to expand your reach to the audience.

That’s the explanation about IGTV optimization strategies for your business. By maximizing the use of Instagram, you can attract audiences to make transactions.

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