3 Facebook Ads Copywriting Tips to Increase Sales

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3 Facebook Ads Copywriting Tips to Increase Sales

3 Facebook Ads Copywriting Tips to Increase Sales 1

The world of marketing and advertising has experienced significant changes in the past few years. Television which was initially considered an effective advertising medium, has now begun to be abandoned by advertisers due to the advancement of information technology. Likewise in the internet world, users can easily block an ad just by installing the ad-blocker in their browser.

Conditions like the above require an advertiser to be more creative in producing advertisements, so that these advertisements can later be well received by your target market or audience.

One solution is to use copywriting – which is a technique for producing writing that can get the reader to respond to what you want – this writing is also known as copy. Copy is made to influence the reader to buy, register, remember, or do other purposes that you want from the text.

There are three stages that you must go through to be able to produce quality copy, first, make a copy that is convincing and interesting; second, determine the right target audience; Third, do an analysis and determine which copy works, and which doesn’t.

Here are some copywriting tips for Facebook Ads so that the copy you produce is of high quality and can attract an audience.

Copywriting for Facebook Ads

Anyone who has a Facebook account will see ads on their homepage or news feed. As an advertiser, you must understand that an advertisement might be considered an annoyance to the audience if the ad is considered irrelevant. Especially if the audience used Facebook just to interact with friends or the community, as a result, your ads will be skipped just like that and considered as the wind. Therefore, you should pay attention to a few tips below to make a copy that draws the attention of the audience.

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1. Visual Content

Visual content is the most important part of copywriting, be it photo content, illustration, or video. As we know, the content posted by Facebook users is dominated by visual content, so your ad also must be. Make content that can stop the finger of the audience who are scrolling on their news feed.

James Daily – Director of Marketing at Flash Essay said “Our team spends most of its time brainstorming images that will be published on Facebook Ads. If our team doesn’t do it right, the response from the audience is very bad ”

2. Writing Content

Writing content in Facebook Ads is arguably the second most important part after visual content – which is also an integral part of visual content. With only a few short words, you are required to show the value of your product, while inviting your audience to take further action (call to action), for example visiting your website, subscribing to an email, or even making a product purchase.

The recommended way is to place the copy at the top of the image, but you need to remember that the rules of Facebook do not allow copies of more than 20% of the entire image.

3. Be Informal

Being too formal will only alienate the audience. You need to understand that Facebook is naturally informal, so user friendly, simple, and personal language. Jane Friedlander, a copy editor at the Resumes Center, said “providing resume services is a serious business, and one of our biggest challenges is making informal, friendly but also serious ad copy. Experience shows us that this is the way that brings the most conversions. “

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After your Facebook Ads have been running effectively, it means you have succeeded in encouraging your audience to take certain actions such as purchasing a product.

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