3 Effective Ways to Plan a Lead Generation Strategy

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3 Effective Ways to Plan a Lead Generation Strategy

3 Effective Ways to Plan a Lead Generation Strategy

3 Effective Ways to Plan a Lead Generation Strategy

Getting leads now is the main goal of all startups and businesses. Because these leads are your potential customers who have the potential to increase sales. Besides, you can also get the customer’s email address and other information. This strategy is important for you to do because getting leads and building a sales funnel is an important part of business development. However, this process can be a big challenge for you.

Therefore, this article will discuss specifically related to how to create a lead generation strategy for new startups so that your business grows quickly. The following explanation.

1. Display Your Startup on the Social Media Platform

Running promotions through social media is considered to require relatively little cost compared to advertising through other promotional platforms. Thus, you can reduce marketing costs on your startup.

At present, visual-based marketing platforms are very popular among marketers. For example, social media such as Pinterest and Instagram have visual content that tends to be interesting in the eyes of the audience. You can use this as a platform to run a lead generation strategy to accelerate business development.

You don’t have to always just display product photos on your business Instagram account, but you can also share photos related to events that you organize, team members, and other aspects of your company or business that have the potential to attract an audience. Besides, you can also load content that comes from interesting articles by including the source. Indirectly, this strategy allows you to build relationships with other businesses.

2. Optimizing Opt-ins on the Website

The role of opt-ins is very important to build opportunities to attract audiences so that you get a large number of subscribing. Offering an opt-in to the audience through content can help optimize efforts to capture the market. In short, you have to make attractive offers, so your website visitors are compelled to download or subscribe to your newsletter.

In this case, you can take advantage of demos, webinars, ebooks, or other means to increase the number of leads. Then, you can do a test to find out what your audience needs. Using the popup tool is also highly recommended in making leads so that your offer is seen more clearly by visitors.

3. Optimize the Subscribe Form

If you present a subscription form that is too difficult to fill in, the audience will tend to leave the form blank. Because, filling out forms that are not simple or too difficult, requires them to think and of course spend time. Therefore, you must make it simple and easy to fill, so that the audience quickly presses the send button.

You can improve the subscribe form by evaluating your visitors’ feedback so that you can then fulfill what they need.

That’s tips on how to effectively implement a lead generation strategy for your startup to grow rapidly. That way also allows you to get increased conversions, and attract lots of leads for your business.

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