3 Effective Ways to Create Writing Content Quickly

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3 Effective Ways to Create Writing Content Quickly

3 Effective Ways to Create Writing Content Quickly

In the world of content marketing, the ability to produce writing content productively and consistently is crucial. As we know that writing content on a website can be a sign of whether the website is always updated or not. This greatly influences the audience’s perception of your business, which in turn will affect the traffic to your website.

In producing written content, of course, we will encounter several obstacles. Even according to Siegemedia, 44% of marketers say that producing quality and consistent writing content is one of their biggest and most difficult challenges.

Then how is the best way to produce writing content consistently? Here are some tips you might be able to do.

1. Use Voice Typing Software

One problem that is often faced by a writer is the feeling of fatigue in his fingers when pressing the keyboard. However, along with technological advances, now you can type without pressing the keyboard, because what you need is your voice (voice typing).

One of the providers of this software is Google, through the Google Docs service they provide. To activate it, the steps you need to do is open Google Docs, as usual, then select the “Tools” menu, and select “Voice Typing …”, then adjust the language you will use.

Although the Google Docs voice typing feature is still limited, this software can recognize language vocabulary well, as long as you pronounce it. You may also still need to correct the results of the writing manually if the results are deemed inappropriate. So, with all the advantages and disadvantages that exist, this feature can more or less lighten your work.

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2. Limit Your Time in Creating Content

According to Parkinson’s law, a job will usually be completed based on the time available. For example, if you have one week to complete a piece of writing, then usually you will also complete it within one week. Likewise, if the time available is one day, then you will also work hard and try to complete the content in one day.

This means, you can complete the content in one day, so that within one week, you should be able to produce a minimum of seven written content. So, to be able to produce content consistently, you need to limit how long it takes you to create one content.

3. Overcoming Block Writers

Writers block is a condition that makes a writer lose the ability to produce new work. You may often stare at blank pages and think of something to write. However, you don’t get that “something”. This condition will waste time.

In theory, the average typing speed is around 40 words in one minute, so if you continue to type in one hour, you will get approximately 1900 words per hour. But of course, this is only a theory, the reality will not be.

One of the most common causes of writer’s block is trying to think ahead. This will make you consider too much about what you will write next. The solution, try to ask yourself about “what do I want to convey from this article?”

If you can already capture the outline of the content, then you will find it easier to complete the content.

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