3 Database Marketing Examples You Need To Know About

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3 Database Marketing Examples You Need To Know About

3 Database Marketing Examples You Need To Know About

Database marketing is a strategy that involves collecting consumer data to understand their needs and provide solutions through personalized communication.

For example, a dentist could have a patient database to send personalized and relevant messages when it comes time for his patients to exercise control over teeth. This is one of the best benefits of database marketing – personalization and relevance.

Here are 3 examples of database marketing that are effective and can help you better connect with your customers.

1. Facebook Messenger Marketing

One common misconception is that email marketing is the only way to communicate with customers online. However, not anymore because there are many new marketing channels.

Customer data is not just an email address. Thanks to companies like Facebook, you can build a database of targeted customers on their Messenger platform.

Tools like ManyChat, Chatfuel, and Botsify can help you build an AI-based chatbot within Messenger to build your customer base.

Compared to subscribing to email, a subscriber from Messenger is obtained whenever someone messages your fan page. This will make it easier for you to get to your customer database since someone doesn’t need to enter their email address on the form.

These chatbots apps function just like regular email automation platforms. You can send messages to everyone on your customer list or respond to questions from customers easily and quickly.

People can be segmented based on how they interact with chatbots on Messenger. Also, the message open rate on Messenger is very high compared to email because people tend to check Facebook notifications instead of opening emails.

2. More Personalized Email Communications

One of the best examples of database marketing is when businesses personalize email communications to customers based on their past buying behavior or demographic attributes, thereby increasing their chances of buying more products in the future.

For example, a clothing store that sells to men and women. Increased sales can be generated by segmenting their email list by gender. In this way, relevant messages about the product can be sent to specific audiences.

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According to MailChimp, campaigns with segmented email marketing lists receive a 14.31% higher email open rate than non-segmented campaigns.

Several database marketing tools can be used to send emails more personal. Some of the popular ones include MailChimp, HubSpot, Eloqua, Adestra, and Marketo.

3. Ad Retargeting

Smart marketers understand the importance of online consumer data. A marketing database can be built and managed based on visitor interaction with your website, thus creating a database for remarketing. Think of it like a user who bookmarked your website, but vice versa. Companies and brands can bookmark visitors by placing a “cookie” on the computer or mobile device used.

Advanced technology has made retargeting a powerful tool for marketers. For example, an eCommerce website can send out emails based on specific actions a customer takes to return to their website. Likewise, banner ads with discounted offers can be set up to target individuals who have previously visited certain pages in the online shop.

Consider building an online database for people who visited eCommerce “Products”, “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” pages without completing their transactions.

Depending on the number of visitors a particular website receives, each audience segment could number several thousand or perhaps millions of people who have demonstrated an intention to buy. Failure to take advantage of retargeting to your audience is a big downside.

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